The wp_ prefix is reserved for WordPress core?

“The wp_ prefix is reserved for WordPress core functionality and must not be used by a theme. Prefixes must never begin with an underscore or hyphen. Example(s): and more.”

I am confused about this. I am not allowed to use wp_enqueue_style ? and if that is true how I am suppoed to add the styles on the theme, this makes no sense.

Thank you.

You must use wp_enqueue_style but probably you have some custom function which start with “wp_”. Try a global search in a whole theme (all files) for “wp_

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Edit: Agree with @CocoBasic I think the reviewer not talking about ‘wp_enqueue_style’ function, they are talking about any of your custom function where you have used wp_ prefix where wp_ prefix reserved for WordPress core functionality. So search and replace them with your theme name (acora) prefix as like acora_


I see now what you mean, thank you for clarifying this.