The worst - funny tracks! Audio memes

jajajaja, sabelo papá! murga barroca y choripán!

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:tada: Cool Theme - Cool Music Memes :joy: +1

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I wouldn’t be able to) that’s for sure):upside_down_face:

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I’ll try to compose something like that :):rofl:

Haha oh man that is funny Pandocrator! I listen to the others a little later :slight_smile:

i am still trying to improve this one… :rofl:


Hahaha, this is great! lol!

That’s why I have a fluffy white tail.

We could start a “Absolutely Dead Market” with this kind of “music” :fire::fire::fire::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands::100::100:

wow! :smiley: :smiley: :D: haha

more people have to take this out of their system and do an audio meme!

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Love this thread. @WormwoodMusic Now I know whom to hire for an opera track.

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I also yodel in funerals!

I still can’t figure out why this upbeat-corporate-inspiring-modern-motivational-uplifting-epic-bestthingsincebreadcamesliced-logo was rejected. Any feedback will be appreciated:


10/10 arrangement, I would probably change the outro. Sounds a bit too distracting, also the dynamics need some work. Did you use Ozone here or what?


Nice track, I clearly imagine the commercial viability of it. Especially for Happy Life Style Vlog or something like that. Maybe with the main theme like “Look how I’m trying to survive as Stock Music Composer” etc.

Congrats for your work, that was a great and amazing surprise,

(Be careful with your voice, I think its deserve a little bit of volume)

For the rejection I don’t know, I guess it’s a little bit too much artistic. As my number of rejections here is very high, I have not so much clue …

Good Luck !

:rofl: :rofl:

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Love it! Also love the fact that it’s impossible for you to sound unmusical!

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@RedLeafMusic, Ozone!? I hired Capitol Studios LA for the mastering, you think they ripped me off?

:laughing::laughing::laughing:, hahaah, you definitely got the vibe I had in mind. Well, that vlog or an adults diapers Ad. Thanks for the tip on the vocals, I’ll boost em up and resubmit. Crossing fingers for a feature.

@criskcracker, hahaha, glad you had some fun, mate.


:smiley: :smiley: you have some fun with this! hehe, the song is marvelous! 1million euros

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