The whole Envato marketplace responsive... when?


When we registered 2 months ago on Envato, we we’re amazed to discover an incredible marketplace like this one. We were equally amazed to discover that, even if this forum for example is responsive, the markeplace itself isn’t and their pages doesn’t fit in the screens of mobile devices.

Searching for some info about it, I’ve discovered this post explaining the aim of making Envato responsive, but it was written more than 2 years ago.

Some thoughts or info? It will be nice to have priority for this update since the world is already going mobile.



The marketplace is responsive for me and I have no problem viewing it on mobile devices. (iPhone, iPad)


Yeah, works fine for me.


Yes? Then it will be my device? (I use Android)


This is how i see it:


Yes, you’re right. The profilepages looks like that for me to, not ideal . But the frontpage, search and portfolio looks fine. I never visits profilepaged, so I hadn’t noticed.