The way to insert illustrations or a gif in the description

I would like to know the way in the process of inserting illustrations from the description

Can I have a video showing the process

for example

Video - no, only as link in descriptions… (example link to youtube)… or link to image in other place (gif animation, png seqence)

Thank you
Is there an explanation of how to add
(gif animation, png seqence)

It is necessary to have an account in some kind of stock of pictures, or google disk or Amazon cloud or … personal server, upload a picture there, and then insert it into the description:
here Dashboard+ must to help

Thank you so much
now I understand

Here example how it looks


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I did the experiment and did not succeed

I guess I did something wrong:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

<img src="LINK to IMAGE" />

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I tried to enter the image link but unfortunately it still did not appear

please upload the image into your own server and just put the img tag with the file src you uploaded

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This image link in

Add to this link img src


may be content blocking issues in google drive. so please use your own server to upload image and link to that image will work.

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<img src="" />

and try this page ENVATITOR

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