The ultimate creative subscription

Hi sir.
i want to know , if i buy “Individuals” The ultimate creative subscription package , can i download any any templates ? without any more payment.
just pay “€14.50/m” and download all templates free for 1 mount…yeS?
please answer me sir

14.50 is only the price of you subscribe for the full year and pay the total upfront

The subscription means that you can download anything from These items may/may not be also available on themeforest, graphicriver, videohive etc

There’s also no support or updates for elements items as with typical purchases and you can’t stockpile elements purchases

please let me say an example
"Aggressive Sport Opener "

can i download this ?after pay 14.50

Yes -

you would need to be subscribed when you finish any project using it. You can’t download now for use in a new project in the future after you have stopped subscribing

thank you so much
now i’ll try to pay.

To reiterate 14.50 is only with an annual plan so you will need to pay $198 ish