The turning point ! Level 5

Hey Folk

Level 5 badge is finally here :heart_eyes: after all those 6 years!
yeah it’s pretty long journey and interesting one in envato

I was always challenging myself to submit even when I get disappointed and pissed of
Well I was horrible at design and everything :joy: Thanks reviewers for giving me this chance honestly…

Rejection is something so powerful, Saying NO improved me to the best

And now, for the all NOs i recieved from envato :joy: LEVEL FIIIIIVE :airplane: HEEEEY

So guys let’s if you’re leveled up let’s celebrate together
Because each time you get to a new level you get better in your job
And you bring valuable, saleable and of course enjoyable items to the world :wink:

Thanks envato, my great customers and clients


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Yup, it’s a tough old game. but the cream always rises to the top. And those that give up, never get to the higher levels.

It’s a self-weeding out process - like a pyramid. The poor designers that get rejected, will either give up, go away, become non exclusive, have low sales and a low presence. Whereas the authors that continually stick with Envato, through the rejections and improve and get better, will have the success.

Well done, and keep up the good work !

x Inoxide

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Congrats, Laila! :clap: Well done!)

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Congratulations @brandio. Good luck for more sales and badges :slight_smile:

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HI Layla, happy for you, i just turned badge 5 a short while ago also and despite it took me a a bit less time to reach the target as u did , it was a high mountain to climb and i can say that u have had a great accomplishment and congrats for this :slight_smile: good luck for what is next (like n6 lol even a higher mountain to climb and by far … ) :slight_smile:

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Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Nicely said… well done keep climbing up this success ladder. :slight_smile:

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