The traffic is too low, share your opinion


We are new in themeforest,
We approved our theme almost month ago
And sales were good at the beginning,
But last 7 days we didn’t make any sales.

We found out that views are too low,
At the beginning it was about 400-300 views,
But now it’s about 40-50 in a day.

We are high in the search list, about 5-8 place.

I can’t understand is it okay? Is it how themeforest works? Or is it just an April? If you have the same situation can you share your thoughts why it’s happening to calm us down :grimacing:

Best regards,

This weeked was slow because of international Easter, there will be periods during the year when visits will be lower and higher, holydays and weekeds are bringging fewer visits.


Easter started on 4th April, right?
Views was low since 28th March

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Indeed traffic was lower in the past 5-6 days, this sort of things happen from time to time… only Envato knows the exact reason!

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2nd of April. And it’s not unknown for people to take vacations the week before and after Easter, so that could have an effect on sales.


@FWDesign @SpaceStockFootage Thanks, guys!
We haven’t Easter so I didn’t know that people take big vacations for it.

Now everything is clear and we will wait.

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