The Total Theme - Icons in main menu

The Total Documentation says we can add icons to the main menu according to:

I’ve followed the instructions and it does NOT work. Does anyone have a solution for this?

I’ve bought this theme theme times for various sites, along with support. I never needed the support and I basically threw my money in the toilet. It’s frustrating that I cannot get help after being a multi-buyer unless I throw more money at them.


Contact the author for support - they should help you

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I haven’t found a way to contact them. They have links pointing me to places where I can reach out to them… both require another $59. I’ve spent hundreds over the years. I’m not a fan of paying more. Particularly since they seem to be hidden behind a paywall. I spent an hour looking for a way to reach out to them.

Read this:

It sounds to me like you are running (or could be using) an out of date version if the ticon shortcode is not working.

If you had purchased the theme from this author then looking at their comments section they do seem more than helpful.

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I’m using version 5.3.1. Although, I’m using the child theme that came with the latest update posted on Envato. (1.0) Maybe the child theme isn’t working right?

Okay… I think I got it fixed. I have the latest version of the theme, but my child wasn’t set up right.


@anthonymdavis well done :slight_smile: glad you got it fixed

Me too… thank you. :blush:

Hello! While we are always happy to help with our themes, we do not provide support via forums. Instead you can reachout to our support team directly (see our support tab on how to open a ticket) or simply leave a comment on the item page.

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That’s all good but the support tab required me to pay another $59 to renew support. After buying three copies of the theme (along with office years ago), plus paying for support, I’ve thrown enough money at it.

I appreciate your help.

As mentioned, you can always leave a comment on our item page - AJ and our support team do their best to stay on top of things over there :slight_smile: