The thoughts of the buyer on evanto, which I understood in 2 years!

Hello to everyone who creates and sells their products here. For two years now I have been buying and sponsoring developers on envato. I have always been interested in online business. At the very beginning of the journey, I did not hesitate to come to this site to buy my first script and start my own business. This post is not about money, I want to talk about the problems I faced at the envato site.

I buy scripts where there is monetization and payment for services and this is one of the problems of script developers. I think my thoughts as a buyer will be of interest to all of you.

  1. The first problem is the lack of a business system in scripts; few developers think about how the buyer will earn. I even got the impression that the main thing for the developer is to create something and no matter how it will work, the buyer should come up with the rest.

  2. Problem number two, requiring renewal of support for a poorly designed product. I saw how some developers did not release updates for half a year, and after all in the comments they asked to extend support from their customers who had problems. This sounds absurd.

  3. Problem number three, paid installation of the script. I agree that most of the buyers do not know how to work with hosting. I consider it rude to ask for an installation fee at the initial stage of selling a script. For me, this is the first sign that this product will not be updated in the next six months. Although the installation doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, how difficult is it to unzip the archive and create the database, and it costs 25 assuming the product price is 45? Elementary greed.

All of the above can be called trifles, if you do not take into account one of the biggest disadvantages of script developers. I believe that the envato management needs to enforce restrictions for such developers. The problem is, as I said above, connected with the completion of the product and the solution of problems. Many developers, not understanding their customers, start a new project and forget about the old one, which has already been bought by 60 people.

This is the biggest problem, the reason is that those people who bought the product and did not receive a solution to the problem or updates and bug fixes may not come back to envato to buy something. The developer wastes time on an empty and bad product, and the buyer loses money, no one likes to lose money. That is why many who start to sell have very little revenue. Regular customers already know where a good developer is, and where is the one who decided to quickly cut money and forget about buyers.

I think it’s worth ending here, if my thoughts seemed wrong to you, write about it in the comments! Thank you for understanding!