The theme that I uploaded got rejected. Can you review the item and point out main problems with the design?

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the Envato market. Today I’ve uploaded my first theme, and it was rejected after a review.
I’d really appreciate if someone experienced could point out the main problems with my design. If you can suggest any possible improvements (not just design-wise, but also changes that have to do with directories structure, code standards, etc.), it would be great as well.

Here is url where you can check the theme -
And here is the documentation page -


hi @theenthusiastonline

Sorry for I say you that you design is too basic.

  • bad colors

  • spacing

  • typography

etc etc…

You need practice more for approved themeforest.


It is way too simple. Just compare it to some recently submitted one-page templates

Thank you for your response and for the link!

The only thing - it’s not a one page template. The theme contains 10 pages (the pages can be accessed using buttons at the bottom of each section on the main page; here is a blog post page, for example -

Thing is, the main navigation works as a scroll spy on the main page (the page just gets scrolled to respective section when you click the menu item) and you need to use buttons in each section to get to inner pages. On inner pages the same top navigation works differently - it just redirects users to the respective page.

I’m just wondering, could it happen that the person who reviewed the template, also decided that it’s a one pager? Does it make any sense to re-send the theme with explicit explanation and directions on how to reach the inner pages?


Thank you for your response!

Could you please take one small element of any of the pages of the template and shortly explain what would you do differently?

I hope, I’m not asking too much. Thing is, I’m just starting to work on my own designs and it would be really great to get a feedback from someone experienced.


  • Generally, the design feels a bit out of date

  • Typography esp. font choices and hierarchy are generally not great

  • The accordian videos and animated image gallery on the home page are different but don’t feel like they belong there

  • The shadows and social icons in the footer don’t help the design

  • Multi coloured pre-loader feels out of place

  • Lack of distinguished or widgeted footer

  • Should demo multiple blog post types, category pages etc.

  • Should demo alternative versions of pages, layouts of destinations, etc.

  • The featured place pages are a unique opportunity to add clever value and tell a story, but right now just look like blog posts

Thank you for your feedback! It’s really valuable for me.

I’ll be working on my skills to avoid those mistakes in the future.