The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

I buy a theme but when installing the error code is showing that The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

Please read this:

Now what to do? The theme is not installing

Have you read the article I’ve shared? Is the item you bought 100% a WordPress theme?

Yes. This is the theme we brought Corano - Jewellery Theme for WooCommerce WordPress

What do you mean by “the theme is not installing”? What’s the issue?

Please check screenshot

The link that @LSVRthemes shared above addresses this problem and how to solve it.

You need to follow the instructions there.

Followed the same instructions. Now Theme got installed but pages and look how I am seeing in the theme is missing

No WordPress theme looks like the demo until you install the example content

It says there is one-click install but you will have to read the documentation or contact the author to find out exactly how to do that. Even then I’d be surprised if the images from the demo are included as these are stock photos which the author is unlikely to have permission to distribute

That’s an easy fix
When you download a theme
It arrives as a .ZIP file
The reason you are getting the error is because
there are files inside the file you downloaded
There are .ZIP files Inside the .ZIP file
There are mixed files .PDF | README.TXT | .ZIP

You might see a CHILD-THEME.ZIP find that and install
Good luck
-Montreal Quebec-

make sure you have a proper connection some time it happens when no connection.