The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


Just bought aurum theme.

try to install but following message appear:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can somebody help?

Thank you

Did you download the main file zip? If so it contains many things, not just the theme causing the message. Unzip the package > look for documentation and follow that. There will be a theme zip file in there that you want to upload only, rather than the main package.


thanks a lot Jonathan

there are two zip files inside. and

which one we must install?

Why different names?

Take a look at the documentation and it will explain what needs to be done. However, a child theme is a child theme, that you use to change things in a theme, rather than using the main theme which gets updated from time to time. You will no doubt want to upload the file if you are not looking to alter the theme in any way, but again, I strongly recommend you take the time to find the documentation, grab a drink, and follow each step from top to bottom :slight_smile:

That’s what I go na do.

thanks a lot

Please see this link from our Help Centre, for more details about finding missing CSS files:

Note: this is an old topic that we’ve moved across from the original ThemeForest forums - I’m updating it to contain more detail, as it still receives plenty of organic traffic from Google searches :slight_smile:

So how to solve? Just encountered the same problem with Timber theme: no style.css stylesheet found. Not nice to buy themes this way

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You can read previous msg.
That issue ia when you inatall main pack with documentation, plugins, etc.

When you want to install wp theme, you nees to install just theme zip, not entire pack.

Go yo your account and download only theme. Alao you can double check is is only theme in that zip and install it.

Good luck

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If it’s the Timber photography theme then what payothemes said. If it’s the Timber coming soon template, then that’s not a Wordpress theme… just so you know!

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