The theme I bought stopped offering support and uses a plugin that cannot be activited


So years ago I bought a theme for my portfolio that used a Visual Composer called WPBakery Visual Composer. I just realized the plugin license that came with the theme has expired and I am unable to modify my homepage or save any changes unless I buy a new license.

I tried to contact the owner of the theme and realized they no longer offer support for it so I don’t want to spend any more money on it by buying the plugin license in case I am not able to make it work or in the future I have further problems.

I can’t find a way to use a different plugin and have no idea what to do from now on. What can I do?

Don’t update the plugins and stay with the latest supported version of the plugins/WordPress.

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The problem is that I can’t modify my homepage or save changes. There is an error message that appears

and I can’t use the visual composer so it’s only a bunch of code and it’s hard for me as I’m not a developer.

Hi @hanabcn,

The theme you mentioned is not compatible with WPBakery.

In theme page it is showing:
Compatible With Elementor, Elementor Pro
Software Version WordPress 6.0.x,

So, I think you can downgrade WordPress to 6.x and as a Visual Composer you have to use Elementor.



It supports Visual Composer


Thank you for your answers. I have no idea how to downgrade to WordPress 6x will try to find out how to do that. I also tried to download Elementor and it said my PHP version is outdated. I guess I need to reach out to my host provider?

Yes, you will need to ask your hosting support to upgrade. I think PHP 8 will be fine for you.

At first try with PHP upgrade. If it not solved then you have to try to downgrade WordPress version.

But will be best if you migrate your website into a new theme which is up-to-date and compatible with all latest things.

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Yes, I’m thinking I should do that as well. I’m just scared my work will be lost, but I should definitely migrate to a different theme. Thank you so much I really appreciate all your help!

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Back up your site properly before trying to make any significant changes