The technical support of a theme that I have purchased does not answer my doubts due to a malfunction of the subject

Hello, I open this thread because I’ve been 3 weeks with a theme that I bought which works very slow in the backend. I have spoken 8 times with different support agents but none of them send me more than one message, which does not help me at all, it takes more than a day to respond and they go from one agent to another, and that took 3 weeks. With a website without being able to make good use of it because it is very slow. What can I do to make technical support do its job well and answer my questions more quickly?

There’s nothing you can do but remember that the problem may be related your hosting service. It may not be related to the theme

Hi !
I have asked for technical support from the server that reviews the configuration in case something may be failing but I do not think that is the problem since my other hosted websites work normally. The problem I have right now is that the backend works very very slowly in loading and updating pages.

You can debug it on your browser to see which causes the malfunction.


Firefox: Click on “CTRL + SHIFT + K”

To check frontend errors, you can inspect the browser’s console. This is how to open the console in various browsers:

As for the backend, I would recommend using a plugin like WP Log Viewer (you can google search for it to find it), which helps you to enable debugging, then you’ll see in a simple log in the admin dashboard all the PHP warnings and errors (these can slow the backend)

Also, regarding speed, you can use a CDN like cloudflare or others, which can give you speed both for frontend and backend if configured correctly.

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I appreciate the help, but this should not solve the problem of the subject? For that the subjects are bought, so that they work well, right?