The stock author should go on strike.

Watch now:

This AI issue is being litigated right now in USA Senate hearings with Sam Altman


I wrote an ultimatum message at main topic. You can support my offer or make similar, if you want.


micro stock is already died with subscribtion models. now customers can print new tracks with ai. its not good yet but it will be. also ai tracks are not much worse then some of the tracks here. so i think we need to move on and look better opportunities to make money with our craft.

this war in unwinable. just give up on envato and stock music.

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Quite ironic that a spam nonsensical AI generated message has popped up in this thread.

EDIT: Message before mine has been removed.


Finally a good idea!

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thanks for letting us know :smiling_face:

It also happened the other day, something about getting a taxi? Although ironic i actually thought it was quite apt :wink:

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This one was all about ‘stock authors’.

Then about half way through started babbling about stocks and shares. :grin: