The stock author should go on strike.

It’s these “top sellers” who were pivotal in the higher tier licensing.

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I don’t think nor PinkZebra or TimMcMorris even read the forums at all. They created money printing machines. Most of the others check it from time to time, so we can just @ here. Also, their Envato email is available on their profiles.

It’s a long shot, my friend, because their hits have so much traction that we’ll be telling them to slay their golden egg goose. Put yourself in their feet.

Again, I applaude the initiative and let’s see how this turns out.


Yes. Again I think we have to start Somewhere. The point of this thread is also to sée how many author want to take action. I think a picture change is already a little step. But visible. Then about strike or not. WE are not yet there. The number will make it start. But it has to start

I’m not speaking for @Osynthw, of course but I’d demand:

a) Every author from AJ must have the right to publish his items on Elements.
b) The markets should have a minimum price.
c) Every author from across all markets should have the possibility to opt in or out of supplying their content to AI learning platforms.

I know many Elements authors would hate the idea of point a) but I humbly ask them to remember their kicking and moaning before they were finally accepted. After that, pufff, smoke bomb. Hush…


The problem is not with AI or even AI companies.
It’s with the new terms. Maybe at some point i would like to get involved but right now it feels like throwing my items in a dark well with a very vague promise of compensation on unknown terms via unknown third parties.

Originally I came here to offer licences for my music on the marketplace. That’s the deal and it was transparant.

I don’t mind who else gets involved or not, I’ll most likely delete the rest of my items. maybe in the future when terms are more transparent and clear I’ll get back in.


You can change the profile picture on the market only and keep the old one on the forum.
I changed both.


I’m in. Those points are really great and sum up my frustration

I agree, surprised they are all staying silent. Especially when their intellectual property is going to be handed over to Envato in Perpetuity to teach AI learning models how to create music like them. All for an “unkown” price, solely determined by Envato, and compensation to the author will also be “unknown”.

This is a a very different deal from the original days of stock media e-commerce where the deals were 70/30, 60/40, 50/50 splits between author and broker.

How did we get to “We own your property and will pay you nothing to take that ownership, we will then use your property to teach AI how to make you obsolete”

I ask all: is this not the offer? Or am I missing something here? Is my interpretation flawed?
I don’t think so, but please correct me if I am wrong…


This is exactly the core issue at hand

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Look peeps - I do have your back on this and I understand the feeling of uncertainty amongst many of your wonderful authors. The issue here (and I will be honest) is the way it has been put across and that has un-nerved people of course. I would suggest strongly not withdrawing your items and closing down your accounts but apply patience in getting a solution that works for authors and the platform.

From what I understand this has all kicked off with emails being sent out to authors saying this, saying that, but I think Envato have made any decisions clear on this page here:

Which gives clarification as to exactly what they propose. From what I understand this is to do with Elements, but I’m not a lawyer

How will payments work?

You will be paid whenever Envato receives payment by a third party for the permitted use of your Market and/or Elements items as part of a third party arrangement.

You will see this additional usage reflected in your Earnings Statement.

Without having full details of future arrangements, we cannot provide you with details of the fee payable to you, the Author - It is this statement here that is just absurd!

Examples might include:

  • Distributing your items on content platforms across the globe (CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW THIS WORKS?)
  • Developing generative AI models that use your content for learning (CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE END GOAL OF THIS AI LEARNING EXPERIMENT?)
  • Developing a ‘test/build’ environment with a third party to build new product offerings, features or services. (AGAIN, PLEASE EXPLAIN WHO THIS 3rd PARTY IS? WHAT KINDS OF “NEW PRODUCTS” ARE YOU BUILDING?)

So Much is so vague and not clear in this “new PERPETUAL contract” So I encourage all to not listen to the volunteer moderstaors (123 simples) advice just yet, I’d say be ready to delete your catalog as this is the most dangerous deal everyone has ever seen since stock media e-commerce was invented.

I do not care what anyone says, you are handing your intellectual property over to Envato to use however they want, perpetually, forever! Hence, your property, is by legal language, becoming their property even you decide to delete your music files after June 1, 2023.

Would you sell a car or house for $0?


Ok, I don’t know wether that was irony, plain aggresiviness or both, but it sounds hideous either way and it definitely talks more about you than me. I simply expect all authors run with the same conditions and opportunities. Clearly, you don’t.

So, @Osynthw , the above is basically why I hardly doubt we authors ever get to unite. Selfishness, dog-eat-dog logic, greed and short term pennies are apparently what moves stock musicians. I guess I’m off this debate.

Luck everyone.

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Yes that’s very unfortunate. It was not my aim to bring such behavior… But I still belive in such overall action. We don’t need to have everyone on our side. But enough to trying to bring some change. Especially with the points you mention. My Real frustration is about no long term vision. Each New year is coming with its shady messy games.

Today. Wait 1 or 2 years.

Where to see older agreement?

Section 55-56 missing. No info with this numbers. " The Envato Market Terms have some important details about how our dealings with you might be restricted or your earnings forfeited. Please look closely at sections 55-56 of the Envato Market Terms." @BenLeong can you explain where to see this section,?

I think if there should be any positive changes in this case, a lot of Elements authors would need to unite and present an ultimatum. Like remove most of their portfolio (lower earning items) or ideally their whole portfolio. That would probably get Envato’s leadership attention and worry.

But then first the issues needs to be presented in a very clear and understandable way for all authors, not just music authors.

Is this realistic? Maybe not. But it might be worth a try.

Personally my biggest concern is that I have no idea what in world I would agree to with the new terms. And with no ability to opt out, it becomes extremely shady and non transparent. Even for Envato’s standards…


Uncertain as to precisely what you’d like to achieve with this.

Maybe the ability to opt out of these new uses, that so far has absolutely no details about how our content will be used? Other sites have the ability to opt out, that should be a bare minimum.


I share the same serious concerns about this. Just waiting to read Envato’s response to our many questions before making a decision whether to pull my music. An opportunity to opt-out is essential but I highly doubt they will implement such a feature.