The stock author should go on strike.

@Osynthw What does a strike mean, I didn’t understand what exactly you want to do?
I think it won’t affect the Envato team in any way.
They don’t care what we’re discussing here.

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Strike is like stopping to work at your daily job with unionized poeple etc. Obviously in our case this is Can’t be the same thing. I was more refering to find some action , some stuff that we Can Do. If the number is enough big WE will have an impact. We are too passive and we Always think that if we leave everyone don’t Care. But WE Never really tried at the end. We start to have nothing to loose since our hard work has no more value


There are too many authors here who don’t even know what’s going on, a lot of authors aren’t even registered on the Envato forum, yes, I know that everyone has received a letter, but as I said, we need to attract a lot of authors for this.


Everyone email all top selling authors and encourage them to come here to endorse deletion of items, or really a full blown “strike”. Envato has gone too far. They did with the roll out of elements. They are doing everything they can to strip your intellectual property away from you and make it theirs.

By the way: This is going nowhere so far and Frankly I am perplexed as to why this investment is even being made.

All stock companies have to be “selling” the datasets they host to google and microsoft. These are the only companies out there that can afford to blow this kind of money on all this “AI Research” which really is just overt theft of all composers music.


At some point you just have to take a stance and say enough is enough regardless of how many people might join or not. It’s about values.

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I changed my profile picture as a form of protest. It’s also automatically on most of my items.

The picture was originally used by Artstation artists because their art was used to train AI without their consent.

I hope enough authors will join!
no ai

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Hey that’s a really great initiative. I will do the same !!!

@SteelSound @StudioProject @RedOctopus @CWMusic little step but good start.

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When Envato first introduced ADP some foolish authors thought it would be a great idea to use extreme pricing for their items.

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I think it can be time-consuming to change the all items’ prices.
So, I’m gonna pass on that.

Btw, I think there’s a policy not to incite other authors to change to a specific price…

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OK, you are right and that’s good to know, let’s find something else then ! What about a specific sentence for our profile ? Something that customers can see ?

Do you really think that buyers really care about this AI issue? Do you think that buyers really care about how/ what/ where the audio is produced? As long as it serves the purpose of the project that all that matters.
Get PinkZebra and Tim Mcmorris involved then you might have some muscle. If it is down to us with no leverage then there is no chance. Sorry to rain on the parade but unless you are a top seller you will have no influence with Envato.


Yes but it’s Always the same “chorus” we Heard. " Nothing will happen / people don’t Care / WE are to weak to try" etc etc. So at the end we Never tried to act. And no WE are all facing our passivity right in the face and WE keep to eat it everyday. And we are still surprised. So at least start to change your profile picture to make you heard. And if other author start to sée it everywhere, they will follow. What the risk to not try ? Being just realist is not helping at all. We are where our realism lead us. Nowhere

I have to say I agree with Graham here. I am ready to make a move, but I’m not even part of Elements. The closure of the markets is in their close term schedule, so if the big fishes here don’t get involved (Tim McMorris, Pink Zebra, AurusAudio, OlexanderIgnatov and mostly Elements contributors) it will be like throwing a drop of water in the ocean.

That said: if they do jump in and delete their whole portfolios (or at least 90% them), now we’ve got some huge power to negotiate. It’s either hearing our voices or going losing their music leg.

To sum up my position: +1 if at least 20 high tier Elements authors involve in this move.

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Changing your profile pictures just makes it harder for me to know who is typing what :slight_smile: I do understand how upset some authors are feeling, but there are other ways of putting your point across without changing your profile image.

I think (or hope) that Envato will re-think these planned changes, and maybe explain things a little more in depth and work with the people who made them what they are today.

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Yes this could be a good aim, and something to try… Is there anyone here who know some of them and Can reach them. At least to talk and see what they are ready to do or not ?

It’s not about buyers per se…
If the market is flooded with this picture then it won’t look good from the client’s perspective, and that would put some pressure on the policymakers. That’s the point!

Top sellers are not the only ones who show up in the search results, so don’t get discouraged! After all, this is a sign of solidarity.


Totally agree here

It’s these “top sellers” who were pivotal in the higher tier licensing.

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I don’t think nor PinkZebra or TimMcMorris even read the forums at all. They created money printing machines. Most of the others check it from time to time, so we can just @ here. Also, their Envato email is available on their profiles.

It’s a long shot, my friend, because their hits have so much traction that we’ll be telling them to slay their golden egg goose. Put yourself in their feet.

Again, I applaude the initiative and let’s see how this turns out.


Yes. Again I think we have to start Somewhere. The point of this thread is also to sée how many author want to take action. I think a picture change is already a little step. But visible. Then about strike or not. WE are not yet there. The number will make it start. But it has to start