The Space Stock Footage Word Tour!


I’m just finalising the dates and locations for my 2016 word tour! By world tour, I mean just travelling around a bit, I’m not signing books or performing… I don’t think there would be much call for that! The plan is to try a bunch of countries and see where I want to live.

Malaga, Spain
Oslo, Norway
Bangkok, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tokyo, Japan
Los Angeles, USA
Las Vegas, USA
Fort Lauderdale, USA
San Jose, Costa Rica
Bogota, Columbia
Quioto, Ecuador
Lima, Peru
Santiago, Chile

Santiago is top of my list for somewhere to relocate, looks pretty impressive, but if I find somewhere along the way that takes my fancy, then I’ll set up camp there instead. Dates to be confirmed, but the idea is to leave Malaga at the end of April and get to Santiago at the end of June.

The bold ones I’ll only be stopping for a day or overnight for connections, the other ones I’ll be staying for a few days to a week. I’ll be entering the WSOP when I’m in Vegas, refill the coffers.

Keep me posted if there are any meetups in the area!


Try visit Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta. Got some videohive authors from Ukraine that live here now, and local people really welcome foreigners :smile:


Nice suggestion! Just checked the flights and it’s less than $100 to get to Indonesia from Thailand. Going to be hovering around the Thailand area for three to four weeks, so would be nice to tray some different locations in the area.