The simple question

How do you think, is it a good idea to invest your own time and efforts to Graphicriver right now?

hi well it depends on what u sell, who u are and what is your global potential indeed , one thing is for sure this is that this not a doodle to say the least , between the unpredictable random-like “quality control” (always letting the daubs of the same people go through when these people have massive submissions and their focus is quantity and not quality … this is how they end up with 5,6,7 submissions a day and portfolios of 2k or 3k items), the saturated market with a lot of guys in town, the huge number of items and so on on, and the fact that nowadays u almost have to do everything by yourself like promoting your own items to be able to sell , the bottom line is that u can ask this question to yourself … unless u are a huge talent or a very experienced designer - which are not a guaranty all the same - i think this is not worth the drive … i see so many guys here coming back all the time with rejected items and when they clearly do have the level to face conditions that people are confronted with

u have to identify this indeed, a lot of people come here as they believe this is sort of a get-rich-quick place but this is just the other way around … markets have to start knowing u and to get used to u , you need time to develop a subsequent portfolio also so that u are potentially starting to earn decent money and all this takes a whole lot of time , so if people are starving or having a real need for money choosing something else is a good idea

Thank you for detailed response.

I agree with n2n44, it’s difficult to make this a full time job. You can’t go into it with the mindset that you’re going to be making lots of money.

In my opinion, you should go into it as a passion project. Rather than thinking of it as just making some products and making money, go into it with something that you enjoy and are proud of, put some heart into it. Don’t think about the sales, if you do good work and are having fun with it, then the sales will come eventually.

Personally, I just do it as a hobby. For years before I even knew it was possible to sell digital products online, I was making the same stuff just for fun and giving it all away for free, then I found out about GraphicRiver and the industry in general, so now I still just do it for fun, but I make items for Graphicriver, as well as some for free, so now I make a bit of money from it. I don’t make a lot, only just enough to pay for my Adobe subscription, so the hobby pays for itself.

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