The Showcase Visual Composer plugin requires Visual Composer installed and activated

I just updated the wordpress and plugins to the latest versions. And the the
showcase visual composer stopped working. It keeps asking for Visual composer installed.
What am I missing here. The template I use is Haven. And I have also bought the visual composer plugin
for some time back. Is there any way to get all this working again?


I’d reach out to either @wpbakery (Visual Composer) or @bitfade, the author of the Haven theme.

I’ve tagged both of them into this thread, but you can absolutely reach out to them yourself. They’ll be the best placed to help you navigate the issue.

Hi, I need to change my website url associated to my account because I cannot update the plugin, how can I do it?

I open my account for istalling Visual Composer plugin on my test site url “” and now I’m using it on my production site: “” that has a different url. The Envato Support center (Mr. Kenny) suggested me to contact an author here as you can reed below:

“Because this is a specific technical issue relating to the item, you need to contact the author of the item.
If you’d like to read more about getting in touch with the author, please see:
How do I contact an Envato Market author?
If you don’t have any luck with the author please let me know and we can re-asses and see if there is something I can do to help.”

thanks in advance for your support,