The second electronic music track rejected!

It’s the second time Envato rejects a my electronic music track.
I don’t know what’s the problem…distortions, noises, structure, melodies? I consider Audiojungle accepts electronic music, I see very distorted dubsteps among the best sellers, so I can’t get a precise idea about what is good and what not.
Please, can anyone give me some feedback on this track? thanks a lot

(Forgive my poor english)

Hi @Ic3Shine, yeah there are distorted dubsteps, but they are not 8/16 bit crushed.

Interesting track though, I can imagine super mario or something like that while I was listening.
Have you put this track in Electronic or Miscellaneous category?

The low bit crushing was wanted, because the mood of the track (like an old videogame), and yes, I put this track in electronic category.
Very sad :frowning: :frowning:

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Typically they not accept chip tune. That’s it, your track is nice and cool, but i dunno why, they just don’t want it here.

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There used to be an article somewhere where they explicitely said that they don’t want this 8bit sound.

I like this. There is other chiptune / 8-bit stuff on AJ though no?

We had two hard rejections in a row. And also don´t understand why. We have to keep pushing and uploading new high quality music. Wish you that your next music is approved. :slight_smile: