The search for time does not work!!!!!!

I look for a piece from 0:50 to 1:00 and get this - that is really annoying.

Well these items all include versions with the specified length.

Yeah. The problematic thing is that length displayed below the track is the summed length of all versions. Why? I have no idea. We are complaining about this for a long time but nobody listens :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t be that hard to implement :thinking:

If you have specific change requests to suggest or bugs to report, please open a ticket here: (selecting in the option box named “Hi, what can we help you with?” the option “Site feedback”)

This way, the suggestions/reports will reach the development team.


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I’ve actually had this problem as an author too. When I upload an item with multiple files, it forces me to write the total combined length as the track length. I tried debating it with AJ but they will simply reject the item if I don’t calculate the length in that manner, so the average length of individual items isn’t what gets brought up in the filter.

There is a field for the main track length and additional fields for additional lengths. You are not supposed to combine these values.

Edit: I just realized you probably were talking about sfxs. The way it’s set up, “time” is a pretty useless information then.