The same people comments almost every item...

Hi! I have a weird question, and i’ve been thinking on it for a long time :smiley: I noticed that the same people leave comment on almost every item. Of course, every author feels happy, when he sees words like “Nice work. Nicely Done.” etc. but it’ s a bit strange. I open 1 item - and see this sort of comments. Another item - and again comments from the same authors. And again and again. Do they leave comments to have more followers, or maybe Envato gives any badges for this?) And no, unfortunately i don’t have enough time to comment every item, just wonder :slight_smile:

Sometimes it seems strange, but do not look with boredom. Accept it as part of the game. Sometimes this creates good friendships. Personal experience.
Perhaps someone likes your work and looking for a soul mate.
You should not feel obligated to answer the same, but maybe this is the main !?
Some authors seek popularity, some looking for friends, some looking for compliments…
Whether you will respond with a comment, it’s your personal choice. Envato not give awards for this!
Some people understand the market in this way! Do not be angry!

I am not even angry. I love to read these sort of comments. Just wondered, maybe there is any other reason, that same people write comments under every item :slight_smile: My English is bad. Maybe that’s why it sounds rude. I didn’t want to offend anyone.

This so they can collect comments back on their own items and increase their search ranking and maybe get a trending icon.

Thank you for an answer. Some sort of promotion, as i understand :slight_smile:

I didn’t even think that you want to offend someone. We just talk :wink:

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I do this every now and then. It’s simply to congratulate authors on their new items. I never thought about generating traffic or followers.

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