The Sales Monitor


Everything is down? Anyone know what is going on?


For me everything is average


Same situation. May be good time is over. No motivation to create something new for this marketplace. Good luck man!


No sales today. hmmm :frowning: it started again after three good days


I’m still waiting for a good day since the begining of Jan 2019.

Some algorithm might have changed as I can see some people are unexpectedly happy some are not. (including myself)


This is Videohive Sales Monitor thread. Algorithm on Codecanyon may differ. Probably :thinking:


sorry, it is not related to the sales topic. I would like to ask a question ?

So Iam creating a template of elements. I want to make two templates.
one making elements pack template.
another one is using some those elements from first template and create a new template

is that allowed ?

thanks for your anwers


I think the core is mainly the same… just a few bits here and there (if).


As long as the end result is a different template you can reuse assets.
Even if the end result looks similar there is a 3 variation rule that basically allows you to have 3 variations of a single item in your portfolio. I guess this rule was initially aimed at the Motion Graphics category, where you may upload the same clip with another color scheme, but it is applicable to the template categories as well.

If you are just reusing assets but the template is discernible different, I think there will be no problem.


Thanks Creattive for your answer


I´m far from being a top seller, but how is it that I had sales every week (sometimes more sometimes less) and now 8 days without one single sale? I suppose because of the unpredictability of market. Anyway, a week ago when I tried some search my items appeared on 1st, 2nd, 3rd page, but this last week I have to go faaaaar away pages to see my items in a search result. Well, who knows. Like everybody says: unpredictability of market :man_shrugging:


2 days no sales for me :sweat_smile: it seems I will not reach the average sales this month :thinking:


Yup so strange for february. It was awesome month always


It’s a huge lost in this month as well and this is getting worst and worst.


It seems most authors having the same experience, there is a huge sales drop this month for me than the last month :no_mouth:


Interesting stuff is going on. I guess they have started the search listings experiments.


For me everything is ok, this week sales are average, better than previous weeks


First page in top new files used to have 33 sales now only 18. They started to approve templates even on weekends and each template stays on main page less than 24 hours. RIP

The Sales Monitor 2

I don’t think any author can settle with the word “average” to point about sales, as average itself can fluctuate due to multiple factors. For me February touched what I think as “average month”.



10,000 comments! Just to let you know :smile: And the topic was automatically closed :hushed:
Just created a new The Sales Monitor thread.