The Sales Monitor


Wow, that was nice boost


The fact that the information did not have time to be updated in the list of “Top Authors” does not affect what I am saying. I checked 20-10 authors by going to their page and comparing the number of actual sales with the number of yesterday’s sales. And it was at 23:30 Melbourne.
I make such comparisons periodically, and as I said, I see such statistics for the first time. No conspiracy theories, just a minor observation based on the sales of several authors. I am not one of those who shout “WE WILL ALL DIE” when they see 0 sales per day on their own accounts.


@romlam Chaos theory + small period of time + you never saw such statistics = you finally see it.

@Voxyde Sorry. Here is nice theory for you. Do you know why Envato update Top Authors page at 12:00 and not at midnight? - Because they need time to fake sales stats! :astonished: True story.


Sales here have go way, way down. :slightly_frowning_face:


Why do they need to make fake sales stats?


I’ve had 13 sales on February 3rd, if that is of anyones interest. I had 12 sales the day before and 12 sales the day after (still has 40 minutes to go). So nothing marks February 3rd as special in my data.


Aha :blush: this is what I love to see :muscle:


:man_facepalming:I wrote about a selection of authors who are in the table near me. (3600-3850 sales). You are very far from this (29508 sales). Just my little observation. But it seems that people like to create a conspiracy theory from my words. Well, that is their choice :slight_smile:
In general, I’m not complaining about sales. Sales are not bad


Your own fault, you wrote:

a crash, server reboot etc would affect big authors as well.
I’m just sharing my data here. Don’t blame me that you try to backpaddle from your own theories of server crashes etc.

Of course, it was just a 3600-3850 sales server crash :man_facepalming:


I think Romlam doesnt exist. Its a artificial inteligence hired by other markets and powered by quantum fusion.


Oops, I was declassified. Ahahhaha. I love you, guys :laughing:


Feb started pretty slow for me.


Very bad sales! (


sales decreased by 66% compared to the previous year. (For January and February.)


Slow sales this week


yesterday and today sales are good for me I hope this will continue rest of the month


Same with me, the day before yesterday is the best day in this month (I got 5 sales). Sometime I felt Envato like a travel guide. He brings all tourists to my shop for a day and then he takes all to other shop. He comes to me only 1 or 2 day per month :partying_face: :joy:


Same here also :roll_eyes: the day before yesterday I got 7 sales in a day, now the tourists have gone :joy: they went to visit other authors.


Yeah, end of week did pretty well. So around average week after all


Total disaster for me despite of new item. About 80% drop.