The Sales Monitor


9 sales in 26 days.


16 sales in 26 days. I don´t know if it´s good or bad. Anyway it´s an up and down…maybe 4 or 5 days with no sales and suddenly 2 or 3 sales in one day :man_shrugging:earnings%20graphic


Oh this is bad just 16 sales for the whole month :scream:


Average Sales, Looks like i will end up 10% lesser sales compared with January 2018


Yeah, I suppose so :man_facepalming:


60% lost compared with the last year January, won’t be able to transfer through swift transaction.


Less than in last December. Drop and drop.


ended up at a totally average month, last item became a bestseller so without that it would have been slightly below average. Cannot complain about 2019 so far.


Same here, average month, if first week was the same as rest, it could be in level with the best months of 2018 and seems to be better than December 2018


just compared it with last year january just got 35% less than last year january. and below average. overall very bad month for me


Sumtin iz goin on…


Sometimes I compare how many sales I have for the current day with the number of sales for the current day from other authors. As a rule, I take the analysis of the authors who are next to me in the table Top Authors.
Today I have 0 sales. Nothing strange actually. Sometimes it happens. But having made a comparative analysis today, I noticed that 95% of the authors (who are near me in the table) also have 0 sales this day. And now it’s strange. Something affected the total sales on the marketplace this day. I hope it was just some kind of crash, or server reboot, and so on. I hope tomorrow everything will be restored :pray: :slight_smile: :ok_hand:


For me 1-5 Sales on weekends are normal for most of time. Sometimes it can be 0, sometimes around 10 sales. But in average there are 3 sales, which I got this weekend also.


Just Checked top authors list and @secondfalseiteration I pursue you)


I know that sales can be very different. But I write specifically about today (Feb 3). 95% of the authors of which I checked, also have 0 sales today. And it is strange :face_with_monocle:


As for me - I have 2 today. But last 3-4 months I usually don’t expect sales on weekends




What will make it more strange. Top Author page updates at 12:00 (Sydney, Australia, Time zone), and your Sales on Earnings page “change” the day at normal time at midnight (0:00, same time zone).
So It’s a coincidence. You had 0 sales, started to calculate other Authors sales, and, of course, you found proves of conspiracy theory. One day is too little period to find something more useful than chaos.


I too had 0 sales on Feb 3. It is a rare thing based on my past statements. Btw, I don’t research about one day sales, just thought it would be fun to say “same pinch” :stuck_out_tongue:


Last week of January was very good for me, but now I have 7 days without sales.:snail: