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I thought about starting new topic, but then I thought that it’s easy for me just start uploading FullHD preview. It save time, than to talk about things that nobody actually cares.

Yes, watermark in FullHD, but Envato automatically reduce the size to 960x540 for Footage and Motion Graphics categories. Btw today there is no need to put any watermark manually. Everything done automatically.


If you update an item, you still use the old upload form. That one requires the watermark manually applied. It may also be that your FullHD previews stay at FullHD there.

So if you think you boost your sales with FHD Previews, just reupload them via the edit tab and they stay in FHD (I think, not tested).


Don’t you think that it’s a far from official allowed? More like a hack of old system. And I have no problem with Motion Graphic category as everybody there follow one standard.
While in a AE and others template categories we have chaos.

But I’m not talking about only this thing. It’s just an example. Look… Even talking about preview size you came to this:

…if you think you boost your sales with…

That make me sad. That everybody here think about sales, and look at things from the perspective of earnings, money and benefit.


I’m not making the connection between preview size and sales. You were the one who brought that up:

Maybe it is another “advantage” you were talking about, I just assumed you meant sales. As items with not so many sales will not end up at the popular page.

If it is allowed I think so, as I cannot recall them being strictly forbidden. I don’t think so much about preview sizes like you I guess. I just said that the watermark is still used when editing items and that this might be a way for the FullHD previews to get online. You know, those FullHD previews that gets you these miraculous advantages you were talking about :wink:


I’m talking about standards, about clear and same rules for everybody, about fair competition.
I’m not talking, how can I directly benefit from the situation, how can I or you make more sales, and so on.

As now we have “fullscreen” button on search page, it’s very easy to see the difference between those who upload FullHD, and those who are not. And I don’t think that it’s right. And attention, I’m not talking about sales, I’m talking about standards.


If it is not forbidden for everyone to upload FullHD previews, what is the problem? Looks like a fair competition to me.

You can search the forums for some official words about it, I recall them saying they are accepting FHD previews.
If they are forbidden there is for sure a way to reject FullHD previews.
It is what it is now for everyone. If you have the impression you have a disadvantage because of uploading 540p previews, then start uploading 1080p previews. Or leave it, but I don’t understand the big issue here. It is not like other people are allowed to do something that you aren’t. There are a lot of double standards at videohive but that is not one of them imo.

I can tell you that my old 360p previews still generate good amount of sales. And lower res previews load faster, so that may be better for buyers with bad internet connections in their area.


Those standards issues are on Envato side, I believe they can do resolution system check like with preview photos/thumbs. Not a big deal, I guess

  • Every Item is reviewed, so reviewers just don’t check preview res? I doubt that


Oh. You completely don’t understand. Once again you start to talk about “my benefit” and “your old item sales”.
The problem here is that nobody follow one standard. And it can be easily fix. Envato should change allowed resolution on upload page, from 960x540 to FullHD. Yes, everybody can upload FullHD, but not everybody know that they can do this. And reviewers don’t reject one or another resolution. And all this double standard make site ugly.

But once again, it’s not about resolution… it’s about how authors here think, and about what they talk.
All conversations almoust only about self benefit. For me - it’s sad.

@DREAMYARD_Visuals Yes, it’s not a big deal at all. But it been on Videohive for years.


So this is all about your OCD really? Because it is ugly to have different resolutions?

Or is it now - as you said, because of “advantages”, and “competition”.

Because, if you keep talking about unfair advantages and unfair competitions on a marketplace, you will have to face the word “sales” I guess.

Reading your posts just sounds like you feel that you or others are missing out (on sales, yes, I said it again, it’s a marketplace it is about sales here) so it is just logically that I respond to you with: “Hey, everyone can do it, it is fair, just do it as well” - don’t you think?

About not knowing that it is allowed: Yup, the upload form can be updated for quite some time now, mentioning this. Videohive has a lot of polishing and updating to do, so add this to the list.

However, a lot of good practices etc here are coming with experience and are learned by the authors along the way with using the marketplaces. So uploading FHD previews is just one of them.

I support the claim for a text mentioning allowed FHD previews on the upload page, but as you started your conversation with these words:

I cannot help me but to assume that this is just a useless rant by yourself who already exploits the very same system he rants about.

But most probably I really don’t understand what you are on about :slight_smile:
Let’s just all upload FHD previews if we think it is the best. I mean, we can also price our works now as we see fit, we can also present it the way we see fit.


That the whole point. I write one thing, you read the other. It’s not mean that I or you have any problems. We just think in different terms.
And I didn’t open new thread about resolution to avoid conversation like that. Useless and full of misunderstanding.

What I only want to say that I’m sad, that on this forum all our talks is about sales. It close the door to a lot of things. When everybody think only about their benefit, there is no room to something else. Sharing experience, e.g.

Just imagine if everybody share their experience without fear of losing any benefit. But all people around think only about sales and talk about sales, they afraid that anybody new will know tiny little “secrets” of making money. And everyone keep silence.

Hope, I explained my point of view more clear… And please, don’t think that I talk like that because I want to know any “secrets” and get any “benefits”. Absolutely not. This place just looks boring, with all experience and knowledge we have together, in so exiting industry.

UPD: It’s my last post about that. Too much useless offtopic.


All I say is, it doesn’t have to be like that. (edit: and it actually isn’t, really) A lot of knowledge is shared in this forums, although it is not as present as it has been in the old days.
For example the expressions thread is a great great place where authors can ask their expressions questions and other authors helped them out - with no thoughts about helping the competition. The thread is not as active anymore but whenever it was revived there was someone trying to help them out.

Also, as stated, there are other places in the internet where it is not cluttered with rejection-threads where people can seek help and get it, maybe even by the same people selling templates here.

In fact, I shared my experiences with you and all others reading this thread in the recent posts about:

  • how to upload FullHD previews if someone wants to
  • how my data does not represent a disadvantage of low resolution previews
  • how low resolution previews can actually be beneficial

But as response all I got was the criticism of only talking about single sided benefits, only thinking about sales, miscrompehending the fact that it is not about sales (although you are talking about unfair advantages in a marketplace which to me includes sales) and about your presumption that everyone here is a selfish guy.

I don’t know how me sharing my knowledge and findings with you and everyone else can be interpret in that way, the bad way that “authors here think”.

And the talk about disadvantages of individuals, unfair competition while at the same time criticising that everyone thinks only about sales does feel like hypocrisy.

I guess I just have a problem with the presumption that there is no possibility of getting a great conversation in this forum when in the end it turned out that there hasn’t been made any real attempt to start any.

We are in the “Sales” thread, in the end, so complaining about people talking about their sales is also kind of odd.

But you are correct, we are off topic. I just think you see this community in the wrong light if you just judge them by the fact that they complain here (in the sales thread :D) about low sales. This does not mean that they are selfish, and there are a lot of helpful people here. You are actually one of them, as I see you a lot of times helping other authors.

I’d like to see you starting a new topic when there is something you care about, and by this inviting other people to the conversation.


Two days without sales.


Very bad week, something is probably wrong again.


Didn’t upload anything for almost one year… But this month already is my best month for this period. I don`t know why )))


Slowest week in while for as well ,sells drop started around last weekend.


I think average earnings are reducing month by month. And thats not good sign


This worst month i ever had after uploading two projects. I want to know every one’s perspective. Is it good coming for us in upcoming months. Or we are gonna have to leave this. I really want to know because iam a full time videohive author.


Last Week was great, like best weeks of last year. This week is also very good so far


This is the sales thread
Every post is always read
Buyers comin and goin
Authors stay, but sales are slowin

One sale
One opportunity
No rejection
Low sales immunity

Threads are diein
Authors cryin
Who knows whats comin
New trend is drummin

But look at you
Your empty item que
You keep on spammin
While others are plannin

The sales are great
They’re just sometimes late
Go create
and trust the faith

One sale
One opportunity
No rejection
Low sales immunity


I just noticed that the search algorhythm is changed. Thats why sales are low and different.

Its changed for a week or two already.

Update: i think its back to normal