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congrats man :slight_smile:


December was above average, but January is a total disaster. Sales fell by 90%. And there is not a single sale from US in January. Wtf?


The US is having some political issues at the moment that can affect the overall flow of sales, not to mention, a National Holiday is coming up on the 21st of January in the US. I’d say it’s due to these 2 causes, mainly the first that sales are suffering. Check international news and see. Unfortunately, these are aspects none of us have any control over. We just ride them out.


the amount of sales in january 2019 is even worse than 4 years ago. btw the december 2018 was not so bad.
I’m starving :slight_smile:


Average here, but less comparing past few years.


Very bad sales! (


Record low for me. Only 5 sales so far and my rank is unchanged so I am guessing many others share the same experience.


Average sales. But in comparison with previous years, it could be the best January.

Here is also 3 reasons to love Wednesday :grin:


No sale for 4 days.


Pretty bad sales after uploadinh two projects this month. Looks like front page exposure magic gone.


Sales are lil bit above average, good so far


5 sales in 17 days! Scr03


A little offtopic on this depression thread.

I found a great challenge for every single VH author. Let’s do not copy new Andrew Kramer tutorial. I believe in us! We can do this! Just do not copy one single time his tutorial. Agree? :rofl:

UPD: LOL, it’s already on Videohive. :astonished: Pretty fast I should say.


You’re right on this point :smiley: this thread makes me feels bad :disappointed_relieved:


What makes me feels bad… with all variety and awesomeness of motion design industry, the most popular thread here is about sales, where 75% posts are complaints. And other part of the forum is about rejections and bugs.
Feels like we chose super boring profession. But it’s not true!


feels like this is a super boring forum in this regard. There are a bunch of exciting Motion Design Forums, like cgsociety.
Videohive forum is (almost) the only one where people can talk about sales and rejections, so no wonder there are a lot of those posts.


But it also the only one forum (I don’t know other) where motion design meets stock industry. And there are many specific things that differ us from other part of motion design. Like, we need to build our templates procedural; majority of us is individuals; our main focus is in AE, and many other things like that.


Correct but while you can talk about procedural animations, After Effects etc in other forums, this is the only one really to talk about sales and rejections.

Procedural animations are used in the industry as well, not just in the stock market. Because clients may want to change Logos or texts in the end, procedural animations are the best way to make a project.
There is a reason why most of Andrew Kramer’s tutorials are for procedural effects, and it is not to give Videohive authors the chance to steal his work :wink: But to make it more useful for everyone.


Btw Andrew Kramer last and others tutorials are not 100% procedural ( you need to change glow effect manually in last tutorial). The other part of industry do the same, they make it a little bit procedural, but many things they skip to save time. While we need to make it easy, 100% procedural and also with wide customization.
But it’s not about that. It’s only example.

You are right that this is only place to talk about sales. But it also the only one place to talk about other different thing for sure. For example, what resolution our previews must be: FullHD or 960x540? Today with search (and popular) page update it’s obvious that authors who upload FullHD previews have an advantage over others. So where is any Envato official answer about this? Nobody cares, and Envato don’t care too.
AJ authors talked so much about licenses, that Envato did for them what they want. While we keep silence and complain only about sales.


Sounds like it is best that you start a new topic for all this important stuff. I’m sure some authors like to participate in the discussion about more general topics.

BTW I remember staff saying that FullHD previews are officially allowed some time ago now. Even the new envato watermark is only supplied in FullHD and not in any other resolution :smiley: