The Sales Monitor


Happy new year everyone!

How are you doin? First post after new years:D sales are low but that always been the case after every new year celebration.

December wasnt as low as I expected. Have almost no Christmasy wintery projects…


Your last sale was 5 days ago.


As I expedcted very bad start. Flying to the abyss continues.


2018 and 2017 graph. Nearly all the sales from motion graphics category.


It is overall drop of visitors since 22 of December. Climbing should start this week


Fresh from my best year ever (+35% from 2017) and best month (dec 2018) I can tell that these are the worst first 6 days of the year in my Envato career :joy:
Sales are less even with more files, thank god people still like to spend money on expensive items despite Elements!

I see it’s been a tough week for everyone who didn’t produce any NYE items looking at last week best sellers, hopefully sales will pick up this week when mostly everyone is back to work!


Users are coming back with sales. Just Today and Yesterday I’ve made more than last week


7 sales so far in this month.


5 for me :), but I got a several sales reversal for something that has been sold like months ago I still dont get the sales reversal system…how can the bank first approve the transaction than withdraw that approval additionally


7 sales today which is ok, overal drop around 50% - first week was really bad. But future weeks looks more promising


Yes from worse to worse. Disaster in sales.


3 sales in the first 10 days of this month.


welcome to the club


Very bad sales!! 2 sales in the first 10 day of this month!! :snail:


4 sales this month


Sales are back to normal


Level Up :partying_face:




Kongračiuleišion! Vel dizervd ai vud sei.


this is sentence which I understand, but english no… :slight_smile: