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Yes, $1M per month - I took maximum and multiply it by 12. Because I don’t know how many subscribers were at the begining of the year. So I take latest data and compare it. And yes, I ignore that Elements launched video in June.
If you don’t like comparison of the year. I can do the same, just compare last month and will have similar data. Instead of multipling $1M by 12. I divide $134M by 12. :grinning:
And of course, it wouldn’t be also accurate.
What I want to say, that this small and not accurate data, proves one little thing that I and some other authors noticed:
The more items we have on Elements - the less we earn (I mean each of us individually). The whole crowd of Elements Authors may earn more. But an individual will earn less.
I see that Envato delete from time to time some items from Elements. Some graphicriver authors complain about it. And hope they will do the same thing with video content. I better lose several items (if needed) on Elements, than earn less with huge amount of them.


I believe same thing is going with market : Individual author earns less (in average).

Individual will earn less per item, but overall earnings are ± the same (that’s including new authors almost every week). Some GR author has constant growth with more new items. Why authors may lose? Because they’ve added massive part of their current portfolio to elements and got some results then they add some few items and ofc there won’t be such an impact+ number of users doesn’t grow the same way.

To see sharp ±steady situation We must wait at least a year to get data which we can analyze


Only if you don’t include earnings from Videohive. Each item on Elements it’s a little drop on Videohive. So if earnings on Elements will stay the same with uploading more items, in the end you will lose money on main market. That’s the problem.


Don’t know, by far I don’t feel it. Market earnings are growing. Same items are selling in both markets.

But I don’t add Newest items to Elements on the other hand my top-sellers are in Elements


December is terrible for me.


This Pre-Christmas week was amazing :slight_smile:


This month for me was the record breaker…BUT keep in mind that I uploaded 5 new items recently after a long time



From month to month i’m falling down, no matter how much i work.
Overall very bad year


The same. This year is the worst since i joined Videohive


This year for me was great, specially last few months. Not the best on Videohive, but Elements helped to rise my earnings to a new high.


I’m full of new ideas and impatient to create all of them next year. In 2018 I created 14 items (one is still in queue and I hope it will be approved this year). But I want to bring some attention to those projects that I didn’t complete and putted them off. R.I.P. Do you have such a list? :grinning:

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


You are not alone.:joy:


Very bad sales! (


of course sales are bad, half the world is celebrating Christmas :slight_smile:

Sales will come back in January.

PS: Merry Christmas everyone!


Glad to see I’m not the only night owl here :joy:


:laughing: It’s much more comfortable for eyes! I turn on dark mode where it’s possible. Don’t understand how people can look at white color all day long.
I even don’t use any background image to have perfectly dark gray solid color as a background.

On topic:
Still have good sales.


since the begining of my videohive career This december is the worst :frowning:


The worst month in the year. Happy new year everyone. I hope 2019 would be much better.


suddenly I have sales - this holidays days :slight_smile: actually good graphic/statics - but that’s that :slight_smile:

money is avarage


Green line - My expectation for the next year.
Red line - Reality.


2018 was over, Sales wise 2018 was slightly below average, 11.5% lower than 2017, 20.5% lower than 2016


December was fantastic with 622 sales, Best month in the year


Overall, yes, Elements taken away some sales, But happy with Holiday and winter sales

Looking for a stable 2019