The Sales Monitor


Relax guys, it’s over.



People. Its christmas. The most celebrated event in the world :smiley:

Yes sales are pretty bad. But they are for everyone. Video freelancers and studios are going into holiday mode, finishing up works. Turning off PCs for the first time. And going to families.

Those who have popular christmas items might even out at the end of the month. But you should expect a 20-30% lower month.


It sounds logical. I don’t know why, but December has always been my best month of the year :snowman_with_snow: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :snowflake:


Sales are average, not that good as in November, but ok


Mine are in growing trend since last month


The worst week ever


Best sellers stopped selling. I think this december will be disastrous compared to last three years. New templates are also not helping. December is always my best month. still its half of the month left. So let’s see how its gonna turn


December is my best month either, but this year its a disaster.


For me December was always good month. One of the reason I love this season! :snowflake::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow:


Interesting pattern


I have this pattern each year. My sales start increasing from October or September.


This december is weird and I see trends changing.

I think people are more focused on pure Christmas projects only. Everything else is on hold.


Wouldn’t say so, Sales are lil bit slower than in autumn months, but different types of projects are being purchased


Now people generally buy Christmas music. But they buy various subjects of footage.


December is terrible here.
Worst month to date this year for me.


It is terrible. I wonder whats goin on


It’s beginning of new times. We should get used to. :disappointed:


The market becomes more competitive each year by year and it’s really hard to survive from all of these crowds, what I really see is that the market needs new hardworking templates such as bundles, huge work with new technique and new style, other than that the sales will be average.



It’s obvious, and well known fact.
From this report and other open data (like number of items, etc.) I got this:

  1. Elements Authors earned around 8.9% from the whole pie. ($1M per month on Elements, and $134M all authors earnings during a year)
  2. Envato has 2.2M active customers, and 100K from them are Elements Subscribers. So it’s around 4.5%.

That is great! 4.5% customers earned for us 8.9% of all earnings.
But if I start to compare number of items, statistic would be not so great for us.

  1. Elements already includes 5,775 AE templates. It’s 10.5% of all AE templates on Videohive.
  2. Even worth thing with Motion Graphics. Elements have 14% of all items from this category.

So we earn 8.9% while we share 10.5% and 14% of items with Elements.
I know that I compare only videohive items, and this data is not 100% correct, but this should give a general impression.

As a conclusion I may say, that we are enemies for each other. Huge crowd of authors make a lot of harm for individual. Even with new opportunities that Envato gives to us (like Elements and Placeit), the supply grow much faster than demand. Each of us should find ways to stand out, or you will earn less, even with uploading new items.


Your data isn’t quite correct:

Overall earnings from elements during 2018 are quite lower than you’ve counted. And as video fully started only from july-september it’s lil bit early to compare some numbers, because we can’t see whole picture.

Only in the end of 2019 we will see how elements affects on market and what is more profitable.

Also there are huge top-sellers on market which are not presented on elements. Those top-sellers generates kinda big part of income and affects on these numbers too.

So general impression might be different after all)