The Sales Monitor


And if we take in consideration growing number of Authors (and I suppose items) my numbers are quite representative


Total disaster, 40% lower earnings this year. New items dont help any more …


But why? that’s also happening to me, even with new items, still no luck with sales :sweat_smile: I’m trying to be optimistic as much as I can :sweat:


Yeah be patient I think that the market is not a constant thing, we need to keep our faith and work on new items you never know when your profile will stand out from the crowd…even tho I really like your portfolio thats not always the only thing we need to have to have good sales.




Merry nice sales everyone :smiley: :smiley:
Keep calm and trust the universe :sunny:

Its holidays and familys gatherings and presents buyings upcomings!!

Be cheerfuls and happeys! :heart::dizzy::scarf::santa::christmas_tree:

Chill relax and enjoy. Stop thinking stop trying. Enjoyyys :smiley:

(No grass smoked during commentary writing, only good vibes used)


hahaha :smiley:


5 days - no sales!


As for me - this moth drop of sales about 50%. May be cyzer right?.. Just relax ?..


10 days without any sale …


Very bad sales! Two sales this month… Happy sales guys!!! :wink:


Exactly :rofl::sunglasses:


Why you still not offering your items via elements?
If you wish earn 5x less after 2-3 month, you can try :wink:


Do you really think Envato wants to kill the main market? Elements will never generate so much money to completely replace the market.


I know only one, that im earn more with my first uploaded template 4 years ago in first 10 days than now already 11th of month with my 47 items.
Envato also know about it, but anyway driving all traffic to elements.
Another marketplaces also lowering the prices… there is battle between marketplaces.
As a result, final earning from one downloaded product is some cents.

Elements is only for simple templates, but some peoples also uploading his top selling templates trying survive :smile:


I already have my all items on Elements. Waiting AJ invitation…


Hope you are on right path.


By this far what is your experience with elements earnings. Is it worth it to the author ?


It’s early for me to talk about Elements. I will not discuss next few months about it. Revenue sharing model is different, even Envato Elements is a different company :joy:


yes it is Indeed. Unless it will not drive buyers from videohive to Elements. I don’t Know I got this feeling from begining it will kill all the market places slowly. May be Iam wrong it will show a Hard effect on videohive earnings. But let me Know whenever you want to express your opinion about envato elements. I would like to hear it first.