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this is called sarcasm


nope. Iam just saying


November was a good month for me, although now it is completely stopped.


Same here, no sales for 3 days ago :sweat_smile: selling needs patience, he who falls today may rise tomorrow, let’s see what the future hold for us :+1:


It was weekend + monday - Normally worst days for month to start. But anyway decent sales these days


Last week was very good , decent start to this week.


I dont know whether its good to ask here or not ?
But I need some help. How much bit rate is ok with H.264 for pre renders to include in a project


15-20mbs it s ok


Thank you . Thanks for helping out.


Very slow (


I m kinda happy with the sales right now but I did upload 4 new items in November


Very bad start here.


Agree, same situation. One sale per day. It seems December will be worst month since I am here. And yes, I think “Elements” slowly kills VH. I know You sell at AJ, what about music sales? Same situation?


I think yesterday was my best day in 2018. And potentially this month also may become the best.

off topic
I noticed that uploads in AE template category grow really fast. Right now it’s 820 items per month. As an opposite example Motion Graphic category speed is 3022 items per month. From my personal productivity I know that I can create good quality motion graphic item 4 times faster in comparison with AE project. So if I divide 3022 / 4 = 755.5, I get that 755.5 is less than 820.
It’s mean that the strategy “create more items to ‘fill’ the search results with your items” better works for Motion Graphics than for AE Templates. And overall if number of AE Templates continue to grow so fast, this strategy (focused on creating more items) will have not much sense. Because nobody can keep up with the general growth of the market.


For me i sell only few items on AJ per month :frowning:


Man, it’s like for last 2 years not good strategy to create lots of copycating projects (Otherwise I don’t know how to create lots of unique projects). And It’s good, I think


Yes, you are right. But I’m not talking about massive copy pasting and publishing. I talk in general. Today there is well known fact, that uploading a new item will boost overall sales. So my prediction, that in future this boost will only decrease, and quality (uniqueness) will win quantity.

UPD: Number of quality items is also growing very fast. The only thing that seems not growing at all is uniqueness (here I mean coverage of a possible audience).


Overall I agree, 2-3 years ago 30-40 sales were not good for new item:) Now this number decreased 1.5-2 times


But overall number of sales slowly climbing to best years. (I had one year delay in uploading :))

I have only one item with 100+ sales this year and few more with 80+.


It’s only your personal data.
If we look at open data that we got from Envato and web.archive. We get this:
Today Envato sold 50,711,587 items. One month ago this number was 50,056,832. So it’s 654,755 items per month.
If we take the same period and month one year ago, we get this numbers: 43,353,289 items on 6 Dec. and 42,624,676 items on 7 Nov. So it’s 728,613 items per month.
As you see number of sales decreased a little bit. Of course, this data is not accurate, and represents the whole market (not videohive).