The Sales Monitor


I m super glad that the sales are ok on your end :slight_smile:
Could you possibly share what where your old strategies and what are your new ones


thats great mate :slight_smile: congrats :slight_smile:


Mostly you are right. When new fresh successful item releases It becomes source for copycating in next months)

That’s also a reason why it all looks similar and feels like lack of new ideas


Thanks, keep on working and it will pay back)


Yeah totally, maybe its because there is so much more items in general that I dont notice the new unique ones as I did before


I hope so. I am recruiting team to do work here in india. I hope next year it will get changed. Otherwise it will be good idea to quit making templates and do some freelancing which i left 2 years back.


Honestly, I uploaded few items back in 2012 just out of curiosity, and than didnt upload anything for 5 years, than I checked my account and was surprised how much dollars I have from those few items in 5 years, that made me to upload new items so I started uploading new ones in my free time and considering all I m quite happy how they are accepted trough out the market


In few words, I’ve changed priority for different category and put more life in my most successful categories.

AND started upload more recently. One item per month or less isn’t enough to climb


So we will see how it goes for me i now have only 11 items one is in queue and one is nearly finished for upload will try to upload at least one per month and than we will se how it goes…luckily I dont have rejected items


To get good money here authors should accept authoring as full-time job. It’s kinda hard to have part-time authoring, part-time freelancing. Result of this you can see in my Summer months =)


Yes I agree with you but I m happy with my current job, I m full time hired by a company so I cant just do Videohive.

I do it because its great to be a part of a community and being able to be free creative wise…I kinda refresh myself when I make a new item for videohive and its always nice to have few $$$ in the account for black days.


Nice to hear that =)

Mb some day it will be more profitable for you to be full-time here ))


Yeah maybe you never know :slight_smile:


Good sales here. Waited for this number couple of days.
image :smiling_imp:

Took me 2 years to feel the magic again :tada:


We waited to see Novembers top sellers to understand the damage ‘’elements’’ have done to videohive stock footage. My drop on sale is exactly 50% ….2017 November I had 691 sales and November 2108 I have 360 sales. I can see clearly that even if you upload thousand of good footage nothing will change …it is a black hole, …… only the banner saying ‘’unlimited’’ will remain…… Just see the sales Pressmaster and Gorodenkoffs had in 2017 and now , even though they have upload thousands fine clips.
Pressmaster November 2017 : 3515 sales
Pressmaster November 2018 : 1708 sales
Gorodenkoffs November 2017: 1540 sales
Gorodenkoffs November 2018: 1131 sales


But Elements earnings should compensate this drop, aren’t it?

UPD: oh, I see you are not an Elements Author


two days without sale :frowning:


Please check your facts right, 3 sales today, check your earnings page

On topic : sales are steady


are you speaking of me

this is the screen shot of funfact which is not fun at all.


Don’t believe in individuals data/ screenshot, as per yesterday top authors standing you made 3 sales in last 20 hrs