The Sales Monitor


Last week was avarage,this week is slow as well.


Ups and downs, still under 1k :roll_eyes:


Dead month, even a new item not helps


Same here, last week was good for me, but this week is terrible :open_mouth:


Sales were good, Today is the best single day sales in 2018


Also this week goes with a similar sales number as previous one so far, no drop


Year by year sales are down it very very terrible.


I hate this mountains view :sweat:


Sales are really bad here as always.


I m starting to think that there is something wrong with my projects when I look at my sales or the lack of


I feel you :slight_smile:


There is only fight via marketplaces and goal / win = who can accept more subscribers… but winners is only is customers… all others will loose in future and in this business… marketplaces to!


I pushed 5 templates in my profile this month, I was expecting more revenue, but still the same revenue I had last month.

I hope this next month will be much better, I will keep doing templates until reaching my goal.
Let’s try to be optimistic for the next month, the more we feel optimistic the more we make creative templates.

Keep moving guys , hope many sales for all of you. Just don’t stop :muscle:


Maybe all the last cyber sales offers could´ve affected items sales that are out of these offers last week.




started with a bang and ending with worst. Through out my videohive career I never see such worst sales. In the begining of this month I thought I will get my average income. But It just crossed once and then it never happened. I am seriously assuming how its gonna turn on upcoming years for us (authors). I don’t know whether envato getting the same income like previous years after all making these changes to the sites ( I wish they get it along with us). Overall 2017 is best year for me and 2018 is disaster. I would like to say below average sales compared to last year, I would like to share my graph. as an author I always look for growth. Its growing until last year and coming down.this is very bad. I hope envato sees my message. I work here as a fulltime for envato. Now it makes me see at other income sources. I hope this will be changed for next year otherwise I have to make sound decision for my life changing.


I don’t Know about others guys. But its frustating for me. Even new projects are not getting even minimum sales like they do before.


I hear you Motion Max my general opinion is that the market is over saturated…and only unique item have sales like some items had back in the old days…but even those unique ones dont get that much attention again because of more and more items in general


And few years back, you had all this new items that most of them where trendsetters not trend followers becuase there wasnt that much in the VH library…so any new fresh look, style was very lucrative.

As the market becomes saturated there are many items that are similar or a copy of some successful ones…honestly I dont see much new fresh looks ideas and new techniques on the market as I did before…Maybe because most of the ideas are already done and now its all about minor style changes.

I dont know probably new options that envato offers now and the item count in general effects the sales for everybody and what I think its actually doing is narrowing down the success rate for authors so I think only big ammount of new items new fresh ideas will be the ones to stand out from the crowd…

Maybe I m wrong for all of this I m just saying whats on my mind


First Part of the year was kinda bad for me also, but I got nice rest and back to work with new energy.
And Now I have months sales very near to sales in my best year here. And they keep on growing.

I’ve noticed that old strategies I’ve used before - didn’t work. So i’ve changed them and It did go well
Market is changing, demands are changing, author are changing also. We all should adapt and keep on working.