The Sales Monitor


Slowly down these days :slight_smile:


Sales stopped




Slow start of the week, the previous one was pretty good.




10 times slow compared to last week. very bad :frowning:


I’ll never understand how it’s possible to have near-record sales one day, and then sell 1 single item the next… 8+ years on Videohive and I don’t think I’ll ever fully comprehend customer behaviors :joy:


Same here. Market is very strange last few months.



Before those strange few months, I guess you had exact same feel about previous few months :wink:

From my experience, average value of anything feels less strange, less panic. If we have to watch and research everyday’s sale, the selling habit becomes a hell.


Just imagine that some people were a bit early, so the extra sales of day 1 actually belong to day 2 and you end up with 2 totally average days.


If you would use australian timeline or european timeline then sales would probably rearrange :))) its best when you dont think about sales per day terms… but weekly term or monthly. But then ofcourse… we all want to know how much we earn daily :)))


For the first time in my life !!! Russia in the 1-st place !!! :open_mouth:


Best week this year and It is with top-sellers live in elements


I’m probably new to all of you, and I’m still spending a little effort on my projects. I don’t really know what the factors affecting the sale


Hi all

I was wondering because for the first time ever I made 2 holiday items one is approved the second is waiting to be reviewed.

What Are your experiences with holiday items…is it worth making those do they sell only in december or they tend to sell in years to come?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.


i sale only 1 item last week :grimacing:

hope this week gonna be good…


Poor month.


very low sales for me even new project is not helping :slight_smile:


Holiday time. Christmas mood is starting