The Sales Monitor


They do not care about this, simply because they are not authors and have never made a single template, coped with the review system (about stock footage review time), corrected bugs, adapted tags, etc.

But the really bad thing is marketing team, because they don’t understand that this is not an online shop with led panels. All works here are unique ( ok ok 70-80% are unique :slight_smile: ) and if you apply discount to something and promote this thing than you will simply kill search positions for others. I’m personally not against discounts but I think you should do it correctly and apply other proportions to the items on sale. For example item with discount should be equal as 3 or 5 regular sales in the search. It will be fair.


no vacation only Vodka, Jack and others :slight_smile:

this summer will be of course “speaking” with - SpaceStockFootage :slight_smile:

autumn, we will see, but , statics is statics - going down…


We will relax on the forum and swim in the Sales Monitor :slight_smile:


This days my sales are low. But I’m not going to lose vacation. Going to Iceland this autumn. And my job is the last thing that could stop me. :smiling_imp:


sale !!!
did i miss something ?
speaking of sales I got item approved and got 0 sales for 3 days (which i though it will sell good)
I dont know what is happening its completely demotivating
looks like I need to look after for other sources to earn money
I don’t see any devolopment even iam uploading continouosly for last 4 months


Last 3 items with 0 sales. You are not the only one :slight_smile:
So far working on the 4th item, The battle is just begun…


50 Sales per week
at this point 8,709 Sales
I look at this for years…
Magic? Luck? God blessing?


And of course this one (my favorite):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you remember this lucky project? My God!!!
It seems it disappeared recently…


I think it was a great A/B experiment, they want to know how far they can go with marketing.

Btw nice week! :wink:




Agree with you.I’m from Graphic river and
my one and only source of earning dramatically down from last month!!!


Btw i leave a review & rating for one of your items i hope you saw it.


O! It was you! Thanks, Man! :slight_smile: It seems soon we should buy templates from each other!


I’m a buyer also :wink:


This bit is untrue, just so you know. Quite a few of Envato staff have created items for the marketplace, and I’m pretty sure the first item on the site (and probably the first few) were created by the founder of Envato.


They care about 58117 authors. But caring about everyone can bring problems like this. Simply it’s not possible to make everyone satisfied. I am an author 7 years here and you can’t imagine how my life would be different without Envato and fellow buyers. We have 8.5 million members and every member must be somehow satisfied. Imagine without Envato and it’s authors how our world would looks like? 60k people would be without income. Costs of advertising would be 30x-50x expensive. Working on a unique commercial for a client or company takes time and more money, etc… Small business owners would have the worst websites, graphics, video ads…
Trust me without Envato, World & Internet would be a different place, because no one would create so many quality content.
If you read their values here you will find out how they are serious, they just need more time to work as we grow.
I understand frustrations, i am the first frustrated last 2 months with earnings and daily sales, because they are unstable and i’m trying to predict how it will end.
Time is saver. Just be patient and work, because if you won’t you will be creator of your own destiny.


Yes I know. But I was talking about search and marketing teams, not about the whole company.


bad days again, no sales for 5 days now.


Despite all sales problem - Monday starts from sale reversal! :laughing:


It’s extremely slow even with Adwords campaign :frowning: