The Sales Monitor


True, im losing 2nd place Korea buyer this month too but i got Japan replaced 2nd place. Dont know what happened.


yes. Korea gone. I think they stop using after effects.


From 1 to 8 May in Korea holidays


glad to hear that artem this month I just got only us sales


sales are very low last 2 days


Last week was not so good. Very strange how the things are changing unpredictably.


It seems May will be worse than April. Bad times are coming guys. Nothing lasts forever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Work hard :slight_smile:
I am very optimistic avout Envato market. Last 7 years they didn’t failed i hope our roadmap is ok till 2021. I am worried about summer, we all deserve at last one week on a nice sunny beach. If this trend continue i doubt that we can go anywhere.


“The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of GOOGLE search results” - I’m in Top Authors on 4th page - am I dead ? :slight_smile:


Wow! my new item got 6 sales and 3 of them got reversal! (the item has 3 sales now)
How could this happen?!




Who will be the first? )))


Yesterday was fantastic, i even spend some balance earnings to buy few items, but today is terrible. :frowning:


It will probably be the case unfortunately. I just hope that the trend doesn’t last too long.


to long like parallax or?


Same here buddy!! The crest of the wave :smirk:


utter silence from two days :slight_smile: even after uploading continuous uploads.


Will report each and every of them.


As for me - for now May worse than even April ( what was expected )


I guess no vacation this year if this continue, we all suffering BIG losses for some experiment. I can’t believe that Envato staff don’t see that many of authors do this for a living, this impact on our lives and that is not ok. Losing 30% of earnings + fees + withold taxes, where we are sailing?