The Sales Monitor


I think that for me the month of April will be the worst for sales


Guys :)) what are you doing ? :smiley:
You look ridiculous… :smile:

So much time wasting and pointless arguing :blush:


I am planning to open another thread “Improve your debating skills” if these debates continues :wink:
To be frank when spacestock jumps in to answer or reply, then that topic becomes debate automatically :wink:


Still wasting time aren’t you? ;D


No it doesn’t! :wink:


haha lol :wink:


good start for me till today and everything going good 3 days left i hope it continues rest of the month


slow sells, but I need “only” $ 1050 sells all in all… to be Elite, sometime in autumn I expect :slight_smile: I hope this year :slight_smile:


Below average comparing to last 4 months, summer will be soon here. Vacation time is coming.


Just dropping stats: first days of may started strong but last two days utter disaster. But as I know for example Germany is among few top countries now they are limping behind. Overall visits are coming back but conversion is really bad. I just hope next few month will be strong before the second part of July hits. I wish many sales to all!


Looking good until now. Above average but maybe due to releasing a new item.


Very soon there will not be a need for a SALES MONITOR anymore :wink:

EDIT: To those who upload items to categories that do not added to ELEMENTS yet …:
“Enjoy, friends, while you still can” :wink:


There may not be need for a ‘sales monitor’ thread, but the need for a ‘Bedros moaning about Elements’ thread, seems to be growing every day! We could combine it with my proposed ‘SpaceStockFootage moaning about people moaning about everything’ thread! :wink:


Well, you know…:
One man’s hell is another’s fun.


yep two days with silence again ending with averagae week


It’s nightmare. The worst week ever. And the very bad thing is that of the last 16 sales 9 were from really old projects from 12-14 years. It’s not a normal situation.


What? How is that not amazing? The landscape is constantly changing month by month. If you make sales on 3 year old projects then you should consider yourself very lucky.


Yes you are right. But from the other side it means that new projects doesn’t or incorrectly shows in the search. Why is not amazing for me? just because I spend days to create new projects, but if I split to new / old it will be 35 to 65% and it’s not normal for me comparing to other months. And the worst thing that I have only 20 sales this week comparing to 55-65 sales per week in normal month.

Best, Roman


Sales are very poor. What is strange to me - I do not have one single sale from Asia this month. And in the previous months, Korea and China were at 2nd and 3rd place in terms of sales. Do you experience this too?


Bad sales -70% drop