The Sales Monitor

Completely opposite here, 3rd and 4th were better. 1st and 2nd was average, no bad weeks

Agree with LLmotion - last week is worst in this year for me. And Halloween ahead…

Good Month!

First week was weak :)) 3 others are great

Strong and good income, but only 3-4 item from 19

October is the best month of this year!


Same here as well

Last 4 days are very slow (probably previous issues with server), but overall good month and i hope this trend will continue.

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despite all the problems with offline down servers and all those problems with payment providers the month is average

i was just finished with 40% drop because my last diwali project got some sales
otherwise it will be 60% drop

October is good month but November is not going right away really slow…what is server issues miseld ?

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November started good, weekend is slow as usual, Good luck to everyone for good winter sales

Exactly the same for me. Roll on Tuesday… that’s always a good one!

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Sales are dead!

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Also on graphicriver, Sales also dead here.

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I think that shock of Trump being elected killed the sales…

Yes, sales stopped. strange for november


Yea, could be the Trump factor. Since 8th was ok, but then a drop. everything went 50% down on already bad sales, an extremely bad week. I hope next one will be better. Good luck everyone!


Dead start, the previous week was similar, thought it sped up a bit during the weekend. Really, the Trump factor? More than a half of my customers are from the US, I hope it will calm down a bit there.

First half of November sales are very good, expecting the same pace in remaining half, Good luck to all :grinning: