The Sales Monitor

hah if you buy your stuff you lose money ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, i should start praying like you said :stuck_out_tongue:



yeah bro sudden stop of sales for me like some one said not to purchase from my portfolio
Any way 21 days left so lets see how its gonna turn

I just wonder something, sometimes you get sales but they dont seen in your earnings for a few days? did this happen or happening because of web site maintenance etc.

Never, is it wild doubt or any proof?

no just doubt.

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Have you considered uploading new items? Your last item upload was nine months ago… and your last bestseller was uploaded over a year and a half ago. Obviously it’s up to you whether you do or don’t make new stuff, but it’s been my experience that unless you’re uploading new stuff regularly then sales will start to drop over time. And not to mention that five of your items are kind of competing with each other… so you only really have six items. Just something to think about.


Two days without sales.

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This year I have decided to go back to videohive so I started working and last week I came up with a new product immediately accepted after only 3 days of waiting. All good … This was on 6 of October with 2 sales and then nothing until Sunday 9 Oct when I had another one. This is bad since I have another 3 projects coming for this year🤔

Everything looks scary :))
How other authors are doing?

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Very Bad :frowning:

Compare to September - October is nice. Something like top months these years

Pretty bad in here. No sales :frowning:

It’s been a couple of years without a new upload on my part but all this time sales were stable with a diversion of around 20-30%

The end of september and this month are just awful. I never ever had such low sales in VH. I have a drop around 70-80%.

Truly scary.

slow down (Stat: Therealistshop Account, BLADE Titles, File is in the popular)

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This week is going to be the best this year :wink:


No sales for today but 3 sale reversals at one moment, this is great!

this not good at all no sales even two projects uploaded this month and 1 sale reversal
wtf is going on here suddenly my sales stopped like there is no portfolio existed in videohive