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Nice job, @turalmammadzada


:rofl::rofl: great imagination


Huh? What is this about? Soccer player on ground? On a hill? Ummm glued onto the hill? Or is that basketball player?



That’s brasil’s player neymar ridiculed for another theatrical fall :joy::joy:


From Audiojungle topic. It’s so actual for us. :rofl:


I’ll never understand how can grown up men get millions for kicking a piece of rubber filled with air.

Probably I just acquired few enemies lol :smile:

I do think that one day world will be civilized and millions will be paid for people who actually risk their lifes like firemen and skyscraper window cleaners :smiley: paying millions for sports players and actors doesnt make ANY CIVILIZED RATIONAL sense.



Find 22 firemen who can fill a 50,000 seater stadium and have companies bidding hundreds of millions of dollars for the TV rights to watch them put out fires… and you’ll have no problem paying those grown up firemen millions.

It’s basic supply and demand.


As a fan of many different sports, I’ve always equated it to a musician or band earning millions using their musical talents by touring, and selling records. Athletes simply have a different talent, and are compensated as such. If there weren’t such a large interest in the game (i.e. millions of paying fans), athletes wouldn’t be earning as much. But the same goes for the musicians as well. It’s simple demand/value equation.


@MotionRevolver @SpaceStockFootage Well I mentioned CIVILIZED RATIONAL sense. In that sense there is no reason to fill stadium with that amount of people to watch men kick a rubber ball. Major fan based sports Is a bubble that is very old and still exists. Some people make huge profit out of it and wants it to be poppular. But I am talking about civilization which has resources and actual use to earth/people.

Its pretty utopian way to look at things.

Ofcourse you could say that such utopian world is not fun to live in but I do think that if you take away xbox from kids they will cry for a day or two and then will go outdoors to play. And those major fan based sports is exactly that, grown up men kicking rubber ball getting millions, while grown up men are sitting at home glued to screens watching it. Some families are greatly degrading because of men simply doing nothing but watching sports all day, its huge pointless addiction. Its like 1000 000 sheep looking at one single sheeps fur being cut.

Dont mix what I am saying, playing sports is great but watching sports is totally pointless and is addictive like gambling and waste of time.

I will repeat myself my view at this is utopian in a way. So I dont expect this to be understood :slight_smile: and many different opinions are absolutely understandable.


Sure, but the point is that if you want to pay people considerably more money than they are currently being paid, then that money has to come from somewhere. There’s only three ways that can happen. Raising taxes, diverting money from other areas to pay for it, or for the firemen to generate suffiecient revenue to cover the cost of increased wages (the filling the stadium example).

I hate football by the way, but they get paid the amount they do for a very specific set of reasons, and although those who work in life-saving or life-threatening roles probably deserve more than they’re currently getting… it’s unlikely they deserve millions each.


And again you are talking about current system. Current system is super bad example to talk about.


Well until there’s another system then that’s what we’re stuck with. I can say that every person in the world should be moved above the poverty line, have access to clean drinking water, nobody should ever go hungry and everyone should have access to education and decent healthcare… which I’m sure you’d agree would be slightly more of a priority than paying firefighters millions of dollars? That’s great, but these things are easy to say… it’s making it happen and paying for it that’s the hard part.

Do you have a different system in mind… with detailed instructions on how to implement it, cost versus benefit analysis with all the pros and cons?



On the topic: sales are catastrophic.


My stegosaurus grew up! :blush:
PS: good sales today, after 3 bad days.


Worst July in Envato History!
Marketing Ninjas are you alive?


Talk about sporadic… yesterday I had the best day I’ve ever had in my 7 years as an author, and today I have ZERO sales. I guess everything has to average out somehow :joy:


Worst month for almost 2 years !!!11
and i`ve got Five Kids to Feed! as Benny used to say in Total Recall movie