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Same here, everything is going by by slowly… sales drooped drastically from the date ADP and html on elements came, we are down 30 to 40%. Just before that we had a spike in sales for a week… but now well its very sad. I have 3 employees at the moment very sad end of the year for all of us i really do not know how long we can keep it up.

I don’t know guys, sales a good for me:

And there are 4 extended licenses for last 10 days =)


So far good weekly sales

This week is very complicated here :confused:

Awesome sales till 19th…

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Many customers can not buy:

This day was an ordinary one for me… But then I saw a magic!.. Magic number!
:smile in a big hat and Harry Potter’s spectacles:



Did anyone experience a spike in sales on the 21…?
After that it went back to normal… Unfortunately

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This is the third graph I see with no sales on the 16th, and I had no sales as well.


Take the fourth one! :slight_smile:
You are welcome!

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looks like you guys having good sales guys but for me its a very bad month
expected more than last two months sales which are pretty good

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A little bit slow, but mid-average month here…

For me - two absolutely perfect days 19 and 20. And disaster since 21 - untill now. 0-2 sales.


Sales picked up from last week and it continuing good this week as well

hm first two weeks were good for me, third was OK, but last week is my worst in this year, i never had 2 days without sale…anybody with similar experience?

Completely opposite here, 3rd and 4th were better. 1st and 2nd was average, no bad weeks

Agree with LLmotion - last week is worst in this year for me. And Halloween ahead…

Good Month!

First week was weak :)) 3 others are great

Strong and good income, but only 3-4 item from 19