The Sales Monitor 2

Not always. It happens that you do unsuccessful projects and spent a lot of time on it, but there is no return. Now it is best to keep a balance between Elements and Market.

I don’t say that it’s a rule. It’s just true in my case today. :grinning: I don’t have unexpected ups or downs.

It can be overnight, i think something else is wrong here. Also there is a lot of traffic drop in GA

fun is here -

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Your last sale was $5 20 days ago.

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Yes, same situation. May be instability in USA ? In the world?.. Don’t know what to think.


I don’t know maybe it’s the situation in the United States. Things in Melbourne are also complicated i have relatives there, probably Envato Staff not working full time, or they work limited (remote)


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October is going to be at least on level with September, but most likely it will be better

for me, USA customers are still on the top
and october seems to be as good as september. maybe sligtly better

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Quite rought start, but now things are back to normality more or less. Overall should be a bit worse than september…

Last 6 days are pretty low, hoping it will back to normal

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There is no sales since 18th.
Earning are stopped (freeze)
What’s the catch?

I think this is not a normal state for my account…

You have 225 VH items, and only 30 you have produced since January 2018. What do you expect? I think there is no any external problem. What ever you do now, obviously it’s a bad strategy of earning money from Envato.
And solution of your problem is very simple -> make more content.

I have Aj content also produced monthly. It’s not about publishing.
Something else is here.
There is a lot of authors with few items only. Last week we have an author who became Power Elite with only 15 items. Number of items is not playing a part in the game.
You are wrong if you think so. I was earning more with less items. Audiojungle portfolio with 100+ items and Videohive portfolio with 200+ items, can’t make few sales per day.
I will try to reach support because this happens overnight, maybe some parameters has changed. Or we miss a better advertising or so.

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If somebody with few items became Power Elite, but your sales constantly drops… May be it’s not a problem with Envato but yours?
I’m curios how many years should path when you finally get this obvious thing. Your current strategy doesn’t work at all. But you continue to blame Envato and the world. So good luck with that.

I am not blaming Envato, i just say that something happens.
Envato can push sales via mailing list if they want. From 10+ millions of users i bet 50.000-100.000 would purchase item instant.
We all don’t have the same buyers, my list of buyers and your is not the same. Envato knows that. It’s not a normal that i have more earnings with less items then now with 300+ items. Videohive+Elements bring together as it was early with only Videohive, so there is a system that won’t let you pass your top or average earning from some reasone.
Also it was my big mistake to be author on multiple marketplaces AJ+VH+TF+GR
From 100+ AJ items i can’t make a 2 sales per month. Now the same scenario happens with VH. The only source of income at this moment is EE.
We all think EE+VH would make a huge difference in our lives, no it won’t. It’s always the same.
Think about it…

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I believe that Envato decisions can affect authors lives and also the way the whole design industry works


when I look at the weekly best seller and see that 1 item makes more than what I make in 1 month with 700 items I quickly realize that the problem is mine :joy:

I was making good money out of timelapses in 2015, now it’s close to 0. The timelapses hype is over and you can get them almost for free on EE.
Not my fault If I started with timelapses, it would be my fault though still expecting to make money from something that’s not trendy anymore.
Remember when people became Elite hanging photos on trees? Those templates had their glory time but now it’s almost 2021.

Instead of complaining and living in the past, we should all focus on the future and trying to nail the next trend, because it’s clear to everyone that 1 single fresh item can outsell an entire 10 years old portfolio! :muscle:

On topic. today it’s been the best day in the last 6 months :heart_eyes:


That is your experience Misel. Other authors have different experiences. My overall videohive earnings are hardly affected by elements, yet elements earnings are good as well. So I earn more since the beginning of elements overall (vh + elements).

That you earned more with fewer items was because this was many years ago, a lot less competition, the average quality of AE projects was much lower and with that buyer expectations were much lower.

Old items do not sell well and new items have to be of higher quality. It is totally normal to earn more with few items in 2010 than with a lot of items in 2020 if the items are simply not in demand anymore in 2020.

How come Nokia sold more cellphones in 2000 when they only had a few models than in 2015 when they had much more models to offer? Same thing.



Second month US sales drop. Last month 1no: UK, this 1no: Ukraine. Any ideas why this is happening? Elections?!

lets fun together !

Fun fact

Your last sale was $5 28 days ago.

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