The Sales Monitor 2

I do not work more nowadays than when I started, if that is what you were implying.
Maybe I work smarter and more efficiently, but I think I also work less hours so it evens out.


Smart Playing is a tough game for me and hopping to learn more

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Average sales but very slow from USA customers once again.

I agree, these mega-packs are dominating the market right now, and are in danger of making many, well produced, individual templates obsolete.

I also don’t think the Envato single-use licensing ethos even sits well with these multi-template bundles. How many customers are really buying 1000 files for just a “single end-product” :thinking: Customers might not need to come back here for months :frowning_face:



It seems like september is going to be my best month yet.


I am again angry on abusive users. Type “London” in the search field. You will get tons of stock footage, not having anything in common with the keyword. It’s like I would film cucumber and name it sausage. How to report or to whom such abusive behavior?

This month is too bad for me :confused:

It’s state of disaster for everyone