The Sales Monitor 2

Sales are very low…


0 sales this month.

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2 sales since the new year unfortunately

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For me this is very good month start

How about a banner or a badge on items that are part of Elements / Not a part of elements?
Just like the trending badge… it would be fair for buyers and authors

On topic: This month feels as if Envato Elements killed Envato Market.
Looking at Top Weekly Sellers on Graphic river (1 sale) and AudioJungle sales monitor confirms.
Hope it was worth it.


It is only start of the year, first 10 days were kinda bad. Bad after than everything came back to normal, at least for me

Start of the week is near dead

Almost dead! This month is half over, and the sales volume is only one fifth of that of last month.

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Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead… ( pulp fiction ) - dead month.

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Well check VH homepage. All video items of one author. And all 18+k uploads within one day (today)… I’m thinking if even 100gbs transfer will let you upload such amount of data. So it seems, that there is some people who are cared more than others.

Yes, I see this… No comments…

now he has 20k+ and keeps climbing in just 24h ,i think its a inside job

this setup affects the visibility of other authors’ products. I think a solution should be found for this

like always Envato/Videohive - will sad -sorry we work on this… they are work but in meantime every hour and every day is important for us .authors …

this amount of files could not be uploaded and … approved in one day.
looks like someone just copied files from HDD and make them live.

Also cant understand, check the user “leungchopan”, he has 9403 sales, but in portfolio only 3 pages with 1 sale for each file. … How ?

maybe he deleted a lot of his items? (the sales still count in the system even if you deleted your items)

**EDIT: Just saw his portfolio has over 17k items with 60 pages. not sure which Market you used to view his portfolio from.

after 60 pages you have to change page number in URL. it’s Envato feature.

Diluted EE earnings probably is the result of such 22k+ stories.

No, this is just non-exclusive author, who has 30k+ items across all the markets on the web, +running his own site. He just uploads everywhere

Yes you are right, but im about other stories.