The Sales Monitor 2


6 sales per day is usual, 6 sales in 4 days is unusual


6 days per day is usual for u? lol wow u are a killer man! lol


Well, the last 2 days sales have been back to normal. Envato developers, from that moment please stay away from your keyboards and DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! :grimacing:


yes for me today sales are ok. But even though the earning are really below my average.


20 days ago not sale it’s very very terrible.


image :tada:




No wonder. You don’t have any items in your Videohive portfolio :wink:


Today and Monday sales are poor, but visits graph shows growth this week:


Pretty good week. Last few weeks my earnings were about 60-70$ for 7 days. If the positive trend will be continuing, the good old days will come back and we all will be happy again! :+1:


No sales for my new item, I feel that my new template has been sink deep with other templates :sweat_smile:


You’re right: simply raise the quality level. Do what the robot does not know. The whole world is all about that. Don’t make your job easier (banal example: industrial revolution), just forced to compete. Maybe they will stand up for us (the robots), once we have failed. :joy:


This week has started very strongly


it’s frustrating to see my sales going down by time even uploading projects too :frowning: but I will be uploading more projects and If it’s not changing then I have to decide something else.


Still a few days left for March, bu looks like this is going to be my best month so far, compared to the previous months including last year. But I noticed low sales early this week…


Who knows there is a week and a half till end of the month. Average here…


yeah , we are happy for u , though does it prove anything? i mean sales issues are much depending what u sell, what people punctually need, some things that are hard to definie about search engine settings and also the exposure u get from here and there , not to mention that the number of sales depends much on the number of items for sale as well


February was the worst month for me, but this month seems will back to average sales :+1:


for me its a disaster. Last year march is a best selling month withou uploading new projects. even though Iam uploading new projects every month its getting below average sales. Whats going on I don’t understand.


I hope my upcomg Projects wil change it :eyes: