The Sales Monitor 2

So maybe these are interchangeable items that have become competitive with each other? The customer now has a great choice, but still buys one item.

Market is completely frozen. No sales since July 1st, nothing, zero


Not a single sale since the beginning of the month

1 sale this month :smiling_imp:

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huh. there is a time when you get some extended sales and you payout doubled. those golden days. memories

0 sales so far on VH this month :skull:


Same, and I dont expect to get above the $50 for payout by end of the month. Its the first time in 10 years. This is somehow worse when I only had my first item and I still made more sales.

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Why do you guys complain you did this by joining Elements !!!

After a while it was more like a forced move to move everything to elements, or earn absolute nothing.

Well, soon Elements will offer you nothing as well…

There was a choice and you guys made the wrong one!

In the past the last item in the “Popular Items” category had 10+ sales now there are not enough items with minimum of 2 sales to fill the category, Those are sad times for authors.


0 sale this month )

Rest in peace VH :pensive:


I’m also having a terrible month. Are you planning to switch to gumroad and promote your projects independently?


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I don’t think it makes sense. VH is the biggest market. Other places are not so popular. I think that the only way out is to work with customers directly.


Zero aales this month so far, incredible :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:

Apple Motion category has only 8 items with at least 2 sales last weak. Those are end times.

Apple Motion never had good sales. After Effects had those.

True but was never this bad. I don’t know where the problem is, the items are there, the authors continue to create new content, the quality is high but the sales are dead.

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