The Sales Monitor 2

Same situation with sales here.

January 2023 sales are less than half of January 2022…

in December first time I didn`t reach 50$ for the first time since 2016. January also couple of sales on a single 13th day then complete silence. Elements also around 50% drop. Seems the marketing team was the one who was fired. Yet it seems they still keeping those loudspeakers who moderate this forum and promise hills of gold someday… in some different reality future.

P.S. Wait for March, then they always bring new surprises. Probably sales after March will go flat for the last pages of Envato’s story.

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Low sales.

Very low sales… in november been better than december - its strange…
elements are you work?

No sales too😪

Simply Amazing.

(But I have to be true with myself, I haven’t uploaded anything since April)

1 sale this year videohive - elements same December