The Sales Monitor 2

Same situation with sales here.

January 2023 sales are less than half of January 2022…

in December first time I didn`t reach 50$ for the first time since 2016. January also couple of sales on a single 13th day then complete silence. Elements also around 50% drop. Seems the marketing team was the one who was fired. Yet it seems they still keeping those loudspeakers who moderate this forum and promise hills of gold someday… in some different reality future.

P.S. Wait for March, then they always bring new surprises. Probably sales after March will go flat for the last pages of Envato’s story.

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Low sales.

Very low sales… in november been better than december - its strange…
elements are you work?

No sales too😪

Simply Amazing.

(But I have to be true with myself, I haven’t uploaded anything since April)

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1 sale this year videohive - elements same December

Very Very Low Sale :frowning:

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Not only low sales, but from time to time I decide to check out the new releases in AE templates and they barely sold even a single license, it just kinda makes me sad and unmotivating to see that how low VH became in terms of sales.


Say hello to Elements :slight_smile: you guys made it work with the stock footage.

That’s so interesting because I as a buyer as well, really dislike anything that is a subscription. Even if it looks cheap /mo, I always envision paying for YEARS and it always turns out to cost more than any single price item. I see how it makes sense for sellers. But I refuse to switch. In fact I’m thinking about how to split up a product so components of it could be sold for even cheaper.

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this month 2 sales (low) but one with extended licence, price 29$ my earning 68$ :slight_smile:

Market is dead i repeat market is dead.

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Had an Extended license sale by “Sony Pictures Entertainment” :slight_smile:


Record decline in sales (

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Guys, I’m afraid that the whole Envato team is feeling this, that the market is changing. And the reason for that could be AI. What do you think? It would be great to see the old revenues coming back, but unfortunately I’m really discouraged to upload anything because the latest project shows that there are no buyers.


Envato trying to push Elements so hard. They don’t get that the only point of the subscription is good content which is created by authors. Their strategy team has been incompetent for years. The only reason envato exists is absence of competition.


This mount no sales! For the past month only 2 sales. The previous one is 2 or three 3.
A poor job that doesn’t cover my expenses.