The Sales Monitor 2

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NO SALE :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Long time ago i was suggest to collect all Envato brains to some “Focus” group and try to stop this disaster.
Does Anyone has idea, suggestion how to bring market back on the track? Bring back golden years, silver tears :star_struck::face_holding_back_tears:


I don’t know if coincidence or not, but in my case, sales drop - earnings drop (Videohive and Elements) started in February this year, exactly when war started too


Developers could influence crowfunding project to build EV project 1:1 and give away shares to the authors. I believe it is enought to feed fart sellers who do not even have a clue or any talent of doing something good as we do as we all vitness where it ends all the time in the end.

Yes, this is happened to me as well, in February sales pattern has changed. What exactly happened I dont know


Probably global inflation, rising energy prices, especially in Europe. In addition, the two big countries are less likely to buy goods on the stock markets, place ads on YouTube or other media, and use online services less. Probably in other countries something similar too. Peoples buying less items that are not very necessary for life. Everything is somehow connected.


NO SALE :sob:


Horrible month.


Only 3 sale on August, EE income also falling day by day :disappointed:


What is the purpose of this thread? No sales at all. What is the purpose of VideoHive? Have forgot! Disaster.

Thankfully! Least Elements have sales. Great. Put up the good news, put up bad also. Objectivity. A must. :slight_smile:

@Primus1 Videohive is sort of in a tough spot right now. I think it’s worth pointing out that most of this is not Envato’s fault. I doubt they want to make less money or have their authors earn less money. Here are some things to consider:

Why is that? Probably a combination of a few factors:

  • Online video builders. Envato knew this would be an issue a while back, so they invested in The unfortunate thing is this really benefits the authors… zero.

  • The rise of video subscriptions in general. Personally, I cannot believe Adobe hasn’t been a larger player in the subscription video template space. Crazy, right?

  • The expansion of possibilities in Premiere Pro (mogrts)

Oh, and a virus that stopped the world, war, and rising inflation.

So the question is, what’s an author supposed to do in 2022 and beyond? I’ve been thinking about this question for a long time and here’s my conclusion: diversify.

  • Diversify your portfolio. Is it October? Start working on Christmas templates. Have a new twist on a popular product?

  • Diversify your marketing efforts. Youtube is king. Give away free samples. Try lite versions. We have a site where you can promote your items and send traffic to your Videohive items – you want your item in front of as many people as possible. If you look me up you’ll find it.

  • Diversify your income. I’ve been doing a lot more freelancing lately. Test markets. Grow your YouTube audience to get sponsored. Try teaching a class. There are still a lot of opportunities out there.

  • Diversify your skillset: Keep up with what’s trending in all the markets. Ai is blowing up right now, I’m looking for opportunities to use it in my templates.

What’s been working for you guys?


I will add that you need to create different types of projects. Large ones for sale and smaller ones for the subscription system. It will also help to keep the income


I agree. Diversity is only way to go for any artist/creator. That After Effects templates Google trend is alarming for After Effects in general. :eyes: Unfortunately for Envato, nearly all of my diversification has been away from Videohive. :joy: There are just too many other ways for creators to sell their digital assets now. And you can do your own promotion too, via YouTube, Instagram, etc.

I personally feel that Videohive/Element has esstitally hit a point of diminishing returns. I’m happy to get any remaining income I can from my footage on Envato, but I’m not going to invest much more (if any) time into Envato-specific assets anymore. (Unless they flip a magic switch and something drastically changes.)


Thomas, thank you very much for your superb respond and ideas! Many thanks!
I have seen your ultra-superb portfolio. Congratulations!

I haven’t been thinking about many of points you did wrote about - sale drop. I know, since I am on other agencies as well, sales have drop everywhere. Video, stock footage.

As it is seen only top-top creators will compete, as you say, with good diversification. I have hopes it will be better after year, two. Who knows.

I know Envato is not to be blamed for. It is like it is and I am 100% that Envato would like us to have good sales. We share income with Envato. I know.

Yes, there are fine opportunities. Problem is to find them, to respond to them. To have a knowledge to do it, to have time to do it.

As I read elsewhere: golden days for (stock footage) authors are over.

New days begin.

Thank you and all the best, Thomas! :+1:

Forum is top in industry. No doubt. Times are extremely hard. For every one; from agencies to us, authors. I hope it will turn to be better in times. I hope.

I think although we are very thankful of Envato, they did underestimate the impact of Envato Elements, and now what we were experiencing the results of that decision. Even few years ago was clear that if you offer someone to pay $15 for big library full of templates, music , photos, stock footage etc. he will take that over paying $30 for a single file. Even the quality is 10 times better, at the end of the day you`ll have your work done with the templates from the subscription. The others things that Thomas mentioned are true but the main reason is Envato’s idea to expand as subscription based. I highly doubt that these 1 million users that have subscription weren’t going to spend less than they do now on buying single templates.


Let’s think about this wisely. If Envato doesn’t take this step of doing a subscription model besides the b2b market, I think we will have the same problem of losing customers as there are many competitors doing the subscription model, even big companies nowadays are offering their apps with subscriptions, so I think Envato did the right move to make subscription model at the right time.

But what I hope from Envato is to make more effort to rise the earnings in both markets by rising their marketing campaign


Very bad situation
:sob: :sob: :sob:


Thank you, Alex for your respond!

I agree with you. I often say that these days it is so, so easy to be a creator making commercials, small movies, internet pages and other products, using libraries (like Elements and other companies Adobe, …) having everything for one chewing gum per month. So easy that it hurts. And even that is not enough. If it would be, then sales on Elements would be 5x better as they are. But they are dropping.

I think it is at-time-being event. It will be much better in near by future or it will be worst.

Envato has respond what is happening in industry worldwide; all companies handling items as Envato has, do have subscription plans now. All. From ShutterStock to Adobe and almost all other. It is a trend. And if you do not follow a trend you loose customers. Simple. Authors are not important here! Customers and their needs are. Hash!

I would really like ordinary life to be like this industry is: subscription for food, gas, electricity, … :slight_smile: :joy:
But it won’t be.

We will see how times will go and what will happen.

We must know that many, many authors will quit doing what they had been doing for years and decades here. They will go to other fields of expertise, as Thomas pointed. And in some point, I guess, demand toward new items, from clips to templates to all else, will grow. But there will not be enough authors to create them.

It will be turn around point.

When and if - do not know. Just look at life outside; impossible to get people to work in many, many expertise. Impossible.

It will happen here too.



i write rarely in this topic. Here are my overall personal facts and understanding in bulk.* (I used to upload a bit more regularly in the past but always as a part time job).

The earnings drop in VH is unprecedented, for me at least. A small decline started a bit after the introduce of elements. The big downfall started during the Covid lockdowns. My drop reached 70% in monthly earnings - even though i uploaded a few items during the lockdowns. This summer, the drop was about 90% and even thought past Septembers were good months for the past 10years, this time isn’t. I had better earnings my first year in VH with 3-4 items than now with 130+. Yes, i know i don’t have new items but nonetheless that was the case for other years too. Diagrams don’t lie.

My personal estimation, is that sales will not recover much during autumn/winter - even if i upload 10+ templates or packs. Maybe some flashbacks here and there but not something steady. The years of good earnings without being full time are long gone. I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort by being full time… that can be answered only by full time authors.

Everything has switched or switching to subscription. Quantity, less quality, no support. Imho, VH won’t survive in the long run. Maybe, only items with “mandatory” support will survive the price per item model.

I don’t try or do I want to sound like a catastrophist nor i’m whining. It’s just how i see/observe things evolve. Time to accept, adapt or move on.

We are all computer / technology people here… and we are living in the technological era. We will be fine. Life is life. Think outside the box. What goes around comes around. Plenty of fish in the sea. One love and all the old clichés :slight_smile: :heart: